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Backpack Lumbar Support

With the Backpack Lumbar Support, students can carry heavy backpacks with more safely. The adjustable air chamber rests on the lumbosacral area, transferring weight to the hips and reducing force on the neck, back and shoulders. Improved weight distribution helps to correct posture and prevent back strain and injury to growing bodies. Simply adjust the size of support to desired comfort level with the attached air pump. The Backpack Lumbar Support is a universal lumbar support that uses a quick

Chiropractic Massage Pillow (Model Cm-1)

The Chiropractic Massage Pillow, CM-1, is a vibrating, contoured pillow with a keyhole design. The pillow produces a massage action and is designed to encourage proper sitting posture. POWER: Battery operated on 2 "D" batteries (not included). DIMENSIONS: 14 x 10 inches.

Cpsc Therapy Shapes: Ramps (Models Tr-01 To Tr-03) & Cylinders (Models Tc-01 To Tc-03)

Cpsc therapy shapes have been designed to allow optimum positioning. Firm but flexible foam, covered with Naugahyde. Wedges or ramps: 24 by 24 by 6 inches high, 24 by 24 by 8 inches high, or 24 by 24 by 10 inches high. Cylinders: 8 inches diameter by 36 inches long, 10 inches diameter by 52 inches long, or 12 inches by 52 inches long.

Hang N Roll Bolsters (Models 1020,1022,1024,1026)

A Hang-n-Roll Bolster, models 1020, 1022, 1024, 1026, is a bolster that can be used as a vertical bolster, pony bolster, or a floor bolster for individuals with a physical disability. By hanging it vertically or horizontally from the tightly secured straps on either end it can be used for climbing and hanging for gravitationally insecure clients. It can be used to challange postural adjustments and balance reactions as well as facilitate motor skills. By putting the bolster on the floor it can a

Positioning Roll

The Positioning Roll is a roll cushion designed to relieve pressure on the head and neck when placed under the neck. DIMENSIONS (LxD): 17 x 5 inches or 12 x 5 inches.


The Rolls are therapy foam shapes designed for positioning and/or balance training. These cylindrical cushions are made of high-density foam with a waterproof and cleanable vinyl cover. DIMENSIONS: Nine different sizes are available, measuring 7 x 17 inches, 5 x 20 or 22 inches, 8 x 20 or 36 inches, 6 x 24 inches, 5.5 x 20 inches, and 10 or 12 x 36 inches.

Satin Neck Roll Pillow (Model 301)

The Satin Neck Roll Pillow, model 301, is a cervical pillow designed for use by individuals with neck pain or arthritis. Made of Ripple Ease Foam with a firm foam center, this pillow has a removable, washable satin case. COLOR: Blue, pink, or ecru.

Southpaw Belly Booster (Model 1955)

The Belly Booster, model 1955, is a bolster rolldesigned to work as an abdominal support for crawling activities for individuals with physical disabilities. Two adjustable side pieces act as stoppers so that the bolster will roll only as far as desired. When the sides stop the bolster from rolling forward, it automatically rolls backward. The Belly Booster can also support the users back or belly without rolling in order to build flexion patterns and trunk tone. It also acts as a T-stool where c

Tempur Pedic-All Purpose Pillow

All-Purpose Pillow, with its unique "peanut" shape, can be used as a neck roll, lumbar cushion or leg spacer. It comes with a removable, washable cover with a convenient carrying strap. DIMENSIONS: 13 inches length x 5 inches width. WEIGHT: 1 pound. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Wondergel Sof-Pillow (Model Wg-Sp)

The WonderGel Sof-Pillow, model WG-SP, is a cervical or positioning pillow designed for use by individuals who need positioning or neck support. The pillow has a flat bottom and rounded top. Its shape provides lumbar, leg, and neck support, and its plush, washable cover stays cool on skin. The unit is made of WonderGel, which consists of hollow columns of a gel called Gelastic, a solid rubber-like material. The columns form a pattern similar to a honeycomb, which redistributes and equalizes pres


The Worm is a positional device designed for use with children from 1 to 6 years of age with upper and lower extremity motor control as a result of neurological impairments, cerebral palsy and developmental delays.  The unique shape of this balance roll allows more movement possibilities and can encourage imaginative play. 


The Yogibo ZippaRoll is filled with uniformly sized polystyrene beads that work hand-in-hand with the special lycra-cotton blend cover. This combination of bead and fabric allows the Yogibo ZippaRoll to conform to the contours of a user's body. The Yogibo ZippaRoll also unzips to a flat pillow in seconds. In this form, the ZippaRoll can also be used as a cushion, back support or pillow. It can also be used as a positioning support between your knees or to use as a cushioned head rest. DIMENSIONS

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