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Art For All Language Kit (Model Lk-Aa)

Art for All Language Kit, model LK-AA, is a painting and drawing activity and language tutorial program designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities. Concepts addressed are art tools and how they are used, colors, and counting and graphing using M & Ms. The kit includes a book written with limited vocabulary and repetitive lines using Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols; an interactive computer book that combines text, pictures, speech, and sound; and a songboard, word

Etch A Sketch (Model 7002)

The Etch A Sketch, model 7002, is a switch-operated drawing activity designed for use by children with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities. This switch-adapted version of the classic Etch A Sketch has four built-in switches to enable the user to draw in horizontal (right and left) or vertical directions (up and down). To erase, remove the Etch A Sketch from the base and shake. The base also has four external jacks for capability switches (not included) if required. POWER: Uses 6 C ba

Fidget Pencils

Fidget Pencils are available in packs of four, and each of the four pencils has a different "fidget" near the eraserhead of the pencil that can be transferred to other pencils. Stay alert by fidgeting with the wing nut, the nut and bolt and two other fidgets. OPTIONS: Pack options: 4 or 24 pack. SIZES: Once size. DIMENSIONS: 9 inches length x 3 inches width x 0.6 inches depth. WEIGHT: 1.6 ounces. COLOR: Variety. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Glow Dome (Model 7501)

The Glow Dome, model 7501, is a switch operated toy designed for use by children with upper extremity or severe physical or spinal cord injury. Users can color on the dome with one of six brightly-colored glow markers and then activate a connected capability switch (not included) to cause lights to flash, the pictures to glow, and the dome to rotate at adjustable speeds. The set includes six glow markers, two drawing surfaces, and two starter scenes. POWER: Uses 3 double-A batteries. DIMENSION


Make-A-Plate is a drawing activity designed to allow children to create a permanent record of a favorite water-color marker drawing. A special, round piece of art paper is used to create the drawing; the paper is returned to the company and the drawing is imposed on a dishwasher-safe plastic plate. Each kit includes 5 sheets of paper, 1 instruction sheet, a return mailing label/order form, and a pre-addressed return envelope. DIMENSIONS: Finished plates are 10 inches in diameter.

Picasso Series

The Picasso Series is a set of four cause and effect training program titles designed for use by children with cognitive or severe physical disabilities. Pressing a switch enables the user to draw and then color a picture while teaching switch use. The program enables the child to capture a paint pallette for each picture. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible comnputers or Macintosh computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A Macintosh running MacOS 10.1 or newer, or a PC running Windows XP or new

School-Rite Ltrb Galaxy Activity Template (Model 673)

The School-Rite Galaxy LTRB Activity Template, model 673, is a drawing and spatial orientation activity designed for use by children with eye hand coordination, neurological, or fine motor disabilities. This thick plastic stencil can be used for teaching directionality and training student skills in locating objects. It introduces the concepts of left, right, top and bottom, focusing on physical placement of images within the context of a template. It provides sample shapes for recognition and i

Spyro Gyro Pen

With the Sypro Gyro Pen, create three different shapes (squares, circles and triangles) in a seamless transition from small to big and back again. The harder one pushes down on the stylus, the smaller the shapes. Release the pressure and the shapes get bigger. The product is able to help those in need of sensory integration. Clear viewing window allows a user to see moving gear action.

Squiggle Wiggle Writer

The Squiggle Wiggle Writer is a battery operated vibrating pen that allows the writer to turn straight lines into a series of loops, circles, or curves, depending on how closely it is held to the writing surface. It is designed for use by children with upper extremity fine motor disabilities. It gives the user tactile stimulation and encourages appropriate grasp.

Parent Category: Fine Motor Skills

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