Portable Oxygen System

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Adjustable Flow Aluminum Oxygen Unit (Models 1515 & 1415)

Portable oxygen system. 240 liter aluminum oxygen cylinder with built in on/off lever, contents gauge, 0 to 8 liters per minute mini regulator and nasal cannula. All fit in shoulder bag. Model 1515 features 400 liter cylinder. Accessory: humidifier and holder.

Aero Mobile Oxygen

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Aero provides oxygen to individuals with respiratory illness while on the go. This prototype design does not require a refill. It is designed to be slim and concealed in a compatible backpack adapted for the necessary tubing and equipment. The backpack has an integrated control to increase or decrease the flow discretely.

Crash Cart (Model 1629)

Portable oxygen system. Oxygen unit on cylinder cart with resuscitator. Includes Model 1603, 682 liter aluminum cylinder with built in on off lever and contents gauge; 1442 fixed flow (6 liters per minute) regulator; 1429 manual resuscitator, airway, mask and tube; and 370C chrome plated cylinder cart.

Invacare Venture Homefill Ii

The Invacare Venture HomeFill II is a portable oxygen system designed for use by individuals with respiratory disabilities. This system enables users to fill portable high-pressure oxygen cylinders at home, eliminating the need for deliveries. Unlimited portable oxygen cylinders may be filled repeatedly and last up to five hours at two liters per minute (LPM) equivalent flow. Cylinders may be worn over the shoulder or around the waist and have built-in regulators and conserving devices. OPTIONS:

Oxyduo Pak (Model 1313B) & Oxyuni Pak (Model 1315)

Portable oxygen system. 155.4 liter steel oxygen cylinder, 0 to 8 liters per minute adjustable flow regulator, nasal cannula and shoulder bag carrying case. Model 1313B features 2 oxygen cylinders. Accessory: humidifier and holder.


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