Deep Touch Pressure Device

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Big Hug Deep Pressure Positioning Aid

The Big Hug Deep Pressure Positioning Aid is a deep touch pressure device for sensory integration designed for use by children with sensory integration, emotional, or neurological disabilities or autism who benefit from deep pressure stimulus. The child lays down on the pad, which has five adjustable body wraps with hook and loop straps that can provide a range of wrap-around pressure to five separate areas of the body. This product includes an adjustable waist belt and cushioned shoulder straps

Body Roller

The Body Roller provides deep pressure therapy as the child crawls between the rollers. The rolls are fully padded which helps the child to relax. The tension setting can easily be adjusted.

Omni Massage Roller

The Omni Massage products feature the unique “omni-directional” ball. The comfortable grip reduces stress and fatigue on hands and fingers without taking away the user’s ability to sense knots and restrictions in tissue. The Omni Roller diffuses the intensity of direct pressure, making deep tissue work more comfortable to the receiver. No internal parts to wear or corrode. WEIGHT: 5 ounces. COLOR: Black, Green, Purple, Blue or Red. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Sensory Brushes

Designed for children and adults with autism and tactile sensitivity and defensiveness, sensory brushes provide a therapeutic combination of deep pressure and tactile stimulation. When supervised by a trained occupational therapist, these sensory brushes are suitable for use as part of the Wilbarger Protocol, a recognized method frequently used to reduce sensory defensiveness. Use at school, home or in the clinic for calming, or before focused attention is required.

Snug Vest

The inflatable Snug “Wearable Therapy” Vest provides a safe and effective means to provide deep pressure therapy to assist with sensory regulation. This stylish and contemporary vest uses patent pending technology and safety mechanisms to provide evenly distributed pressure throughout the back, shoulders, and sides of the torso without a weighted down effect. Applied pressure is adjustable to the exact amount the user requires. The Snug Vest’s aesthetic design allows for social inclusion and is

Southpaw Steamroller Advantage Line

A basic "steamroller" that provides effective deep pressure input for smaller children and adults. Users can also "hang out" in the rollers to improve their concentration and focus before sitting activities or classroom work.

Southpaw's Steamroller Deluxe

The Steamroller Deluxe is designed to provide deep pressure to those who require input while calming down or focusing. Users can crawl between the "roller" and be "flattened" by the Steamroller. Others can "hang out" for a while as the rollers provide the input they need to calm their bodies before sit down activities.

Squeeze Machine

The Squeeze Machine is a deep touch pressure device designed for use by individuals with autism or hyperactivity disorder. This system is used for deep touch stimulation and produces a calming effect on individuals with autism or who are hyperactive. The user crawls in between two padded boards, which press the sides of the body. The source of pressure is an air pump controlled by the user. The user's head is placed beyond the boards in an area with soft, fuzzy padding, while the hands go throug

Tote Around Turtle Lap Animal

Abilitations Integrations Tote Around Turtle is a weighted lap plush designed to provide input and stability, thus enabling a child to remain attentive and focused. This turtle is best used under the supervision of an occupational therapist or teacher for 20 minutes at a time or as recommended. Using weight to offer proprioceptive feedback is effective for "grounding" children with autism, sensory integration disorders and many other neurological challenges. The product also helps to reduce rock


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