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Colton Sks Cubicle Track

Colton SKS Cubicle Tracks are cubicle curtain tracks designed for use in hospitals, clinics, care centers, and physical therapy centers. The tracks are made of extruded aluminum with ball-bearing carriers and baked-on painted surfaces. They can be pre-bent into a variety of configurations to fit difficult to cover areas, and can be ceiling- or wall-mounted with click-in brackets. OPTIONS: Ceiling bracket (model SKS-3003-25); ball bearing carrier with stainless steel hook (model SKS-52107); end c

Cubicle Curtain Track (Model 1200Ct)

The Cubicle Curtain Track are cubicle curtain tracks designed for use in hospitals or medical care facilities. The track is made of extruded aluminum and is designed for standard surface ceiling mounting and features custom radius bends that can be bent to accommodate door swings and curved soffits. DIMENSIONS (HxW): .75 x 1 3/8 inches. COLOR: Available in satin anodized or white baked enamel finish.

Fireguard Doors

FireGuard Doors are accordian type fire doors designed to preserve the architectural beauty of large open rooms and foyers while offering protection from fire and smoke. These doors are placed in the wall, encased in mahogany frames and pocket covers, and are totally hidden from view. They allow one to follow building code requirements and fire safety standards without having to close off rooms or spend lots of money on renovations. The doors work on a patented track and trolley system that supp


The Laborius is a portable commode and toileting supply kit for people with moderate incontinence and other disabilities that limit their ability to reach an accessible bathroom when needed. The kit was planned and designed for use in homes, hotels, outdoors and even in the homes of friends and relatives whose toilets are not handicapped-accessible. The kit includes screen walls to ensure privacy of the user, commode, kit for absorbing urine and feces, a button for summoning assistance, cleaning

Mjm Portable Privacy Screen (Model 7003)

The MJM Portable Privacy Screen, model 7003, is a folding screen designed for use in clinic or therapy settings. The screen comes with three removable Velcro panels, which are flame retardant and mildew resistant. The screen us also available with screen with 2-inch twin casters, model 7003-2TW or 3-inch twin casters, model 7003-3TW. DIMENSIONS: Total three-panel width is 67 inches, with 11-inch ground clearance from the base to the bottom of the panels. Each panel is 21 x 51 inches. Folded dim

Salsbury Industries 19100 / 19200 Series Cubicle Track

Salsbury Industries 19100 / 19200 Series Cubicle Tracks are cubicle curtain tracks designed for use in hospitals, clinics, care centers, and physical therapy centers. Tracks permit quick and quiet movement of privacy curtains. The track and end stop, snap out, and splicer fittings are made of anodized aluminum extrusion. The 19200 series is lighter than the 19100 series. Model 19103 carriers glide on the inside channels of the track on two 5/8-inch nylon self lubricating wheels. Model 19203 carr

Visual Attention Teacher's Kit

Visual attention teacher's kit is a classroom kit designed to keep a child focused and limit distractions. This kit is ideal for those experiencing auditory sensitiveness. Each kit comes with one desktop study carrel, one set of noise reduction ear muffs, one Ergo-Write writing slant board. This kit provides visual direction, creates a small office space, and is ideal for classroom and homework centers. The ear muffs are adjustable and can be worn in the classroom, at the gym, or at a ball game-


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