Horizontal Glider

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The Glider is a suspension platform swing designed for use by individuals with physical and neurological disabilities. This swing glides (swings side to side) instead of swinging front to back. The Glider is stimulating and helps the user improve balance. The wooden pull bars are adjustable to any height. The swing is made of unfinished Baltic birch plywood and comes with double-braided rope. SIZES: Junior and Adult. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): Junior size: 40 x 20 x 0.5 inches. Adult size: 60 x 20 x 0.

Plywood Platform

The Plywood Platform is a suspension platform swing designed for use by individuals with physical and neurological disabilities. With the optional Universal Swivel (sold separately) or two stationary hooks, the Plywood Platform makes a stimulating swing for swinging, spinning or gliding (swinging from side to side). It can also be used as a glider when placed sideways. The platform is light and made of Baltic birch plywood, and it is carpeted and padded. The swing can hold up to three people. Th

Pressure Foam Roller

Fun and Function’s Pressure Foam Roller rolls provides deep pressure massage therapy, joint compression, and sensory integration to calm overactive children.

Pro Fitter & Pro Fitter Physio Kit

The Pro Fitter is a horizontal glider exercise device designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, improved muscle tone, and enhanced body awareness through improved balance and coordination. As part of a therapeutic or rehabilitation program, the Pro Fitter can aid in the re-development of strength and proprioception after hip, knee, and ankle injuries; improve core stability for back, shoulder, and neck injuries; and enhance motor skills, muscular strength, and endurance. This piece of equip

Southpaw Flying Trapeze (Model 1960)

The Flying Trapeze, model 1960, is a horizontal glider designed to enhance motor skills for induals with a physical disability. It is useful in developing tolerance to movement, improving flexion patterns and motor planning a new task. The system hangs from two existing ceiling points eight to twelve feet apart and does not require wall mounted suspension points. The Flying Trapeze is completely adjustable to fit the needs of the user. Alter the angle of the track to change the speed. Choose the

Southpaw Standard & Mini Glider Bolsters (Model 1006 & 1007)

The Glider Bolster, models 1006 and 1007, is a versatile bolster swing with a platform for individuals with a physical disability. Because it has a larger platform, it can accomodate larger clients in all developmental positions. It can be used by the one or more clients or the client and therapist together. The bolster can be hung from two or four points and can be moved in smooth arcs or gently rocked. Each bolster is dual colored to identify the soft versus hard padding. The therapist can swi

Standard Linear Glider And Adult Linear Glider (Models 1850 & 1852)

The Linear Glider, models 1852 & 1850, is a suspension platform swing designed to develop postural reactions and weight-shift patterns for individuals who have little mobility control or strength. The glider is large enough to accommodate clients from preschoolers to adults and may be used in a variety of full developmental positions. The client has the ability to shift weight and engage in reciprocal motion as he/she starts from a stationary position. The device can be hung from one or two


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