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6630 C-Collar And 6635 Extended C-Collar

The 6630 C-Collar is a neck support contoured for the lateral and posterior neck areas to help prevent neck hyperextension. The 6635 Extended C-Collar is the same as the C-Collar with a clavical support added. Both collar can be used in conjunction with most seating units, and used during classroom activities and feeding. DIMENSIONS: C-Collar is 8 x 3.5 x 2 inches; the Extended C-Collar is 8 x 10 x 2 inches. COLOR: Black or Casa Tan.

6809 High Back Hensinger Head Support

The 6809 High Back Hensinger Head Support is a head and neck support that consists of the 6810 Hensinger Head Support (see separate entry) with a 1.5 to 2 inch higher back for additional occipital support. The cushions are made of vinyl coated foam. The device comes unmounted or mounted. SIZES: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. COLOR: Blue or black.

6812 Modular Head Rest

The 6812 Modular Head Rest with Mount Plate is a head and neck support designed for use with the Hensinger Break-Away-Mount Plate (see separate entry). An adjustable vertical connector attaches the two devices together. Three vinyl coated foam discs cradle the head and may be adjusted for the use of head switches. COLOR: Black.

6815 Hensinger With Mount Bar

The 6815 Hensiger with Mount Bar consists of the 6810 Hensinger Head Support (see separate entry) mounted on an aluminum bar designed to be attached to TumbleForm feeder seats or Danmar Trunk Support (see separate entries). The device slides over the seat with back buckle fasteners. Channel brackets for securing the bar after the head support is positioned are included. SIZES: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. COLOR: Bright blue. These custom colors are available for an additional $26: light

6821 Size Reducer

The 6821 Size Reducer is a foam insert designed to accommodate persons between sizes of the Hensinger Head Support (see separate entry). The vinyl coated foam insert fits into the inner circumference and has velcro straps which wrap around the head support. There are two models: Narrow and Wide. The narrow model can be used over or under the covers. The wide model adds some additional occipital support as the top foam piece folds over the back of the Hensinger. SIZES: Narrow or Wide. DIMENSIONS

Acuback Heat Roller For Back Pain Relief

The Acuback heat roller is designed to relieve tension with therapeutic warmth. IT is microwavable and offers back and neck support. Nubby or textured supports create acupuncture-like therapy to release tight muscles and the design recreates the natural curve of the lumbar spine. Realigns the upper back and neck. Place it under neck, lower back, legs, or hands. Warm in microwave for one minute for 75 minutes of deep, soothing heat. Carrying case included.

Gerimate Bolster

The Gerimate Bolster is a back support cushion designed to offer support and comfort for persons using Geri-chairs. WARRANTY: If merchandise is received in damaged condition, a claim must be reported within five days from date of receipt of shipment.

Head Pod

The Head Pod is a head and neck support system designed for children with inadequate head control with combined hypotonia of the neck and trunk. Straps fitted around the user's head are connected to a support over the user's head which is attached to the rear of the user's wheelchair. Users who benefit from the Headpod include children ages 2-12 years old who are unable to sustain the weight of their own head due to neck weakness, provided that there is no high extensor tone in the trunk or sign

Head Support

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with neurological disabilities to hold his head erect. A mold of the user's back was made of forming plastic and lined with 3/8-inch foam. The support is held in place with two-inch Velcro strapping. An upright rod made of 3/8 x 2 inch Lexan plastic (for stiffness) was attached to the top of the back piece. A padded, flexible head band made of 1/16 x 1.25 inch Lexan was attached to the top of the upright rod. Also, as an alternative to th

Head Support System (Models Plush-1 & Plush-2)

The Head Support System, models PLUSH-1 and PLUSH-2, is designed to provide comfort and support for individuals who have difficulty holding their head in an upright position. The base is a durable metal panel which is padded with two layers of foam that makes them feel as soft as pillows. They are covered in zippered Darlexx fabric and are easy to remove for washing. This head support system comes with a choice of hardware: swingaway mounting hardware; detachable hardware; fixed mounting hardwar

Inflatable Neck Rest

The Inflatable Neck Rest is a neck support designed for use by individuals with arthritis. It supports the head whether sitting or lying down. It comes with a carrying pouch for storage when traveling. DIMENSIONS (HxDxW): 4 x 9.5 x 14 inches.

Neck Rest

The Neck Rest is a neck support designed to provide relief of pressure on the neck or shoulder muscles. The polyurethane foam support features a U-shaped groove in the center to support the neck. A polycotton cover is included. DIMENSIONS (WxHxL): 6 x 6 x 14 inches long. COLOR: The cover is available in white or blue.

Nodstop Travel

The Nodstop Travel is a head support designed for use as a comfort aid that promotes relaxation through support and stabilization of the head,neck and shoulders during travel, and by encouraging proper body mechanics and posture for healthy breathing and circulation. It can help provide restful sleep, relaxed neck and shoulder muscles, reduced pain and strain during travel, stabilized body posture and spine position, and improved breathing and circulation. It is for passengers using all modes o

Occipital "t" Bar (Model 1670)

The Occipital "T" Bar, model 1670, is a neck support designed for head, neck, trunk, and shoulder support for individuals with spinal cord injury or severe physical disabilities during wheelchair use. The bar is made of high strength aluminum alloy, padded with high resiliance foam tubing, and covered with a Lycra slip cover. The unit includes two quarter-inch-20 x 0.5 inch SHHD screws for attaching to the "T" Tube-Plate weldment. DIMENSIONS: The foam 1.5 inches in diameter. The bar is 6 3/8 inc

Occipital Angle Bar (Models 1681 & 1683)

The Occipital Angle Bar is a neck support designed to provide head, neck, trunk, and shoulder support for individuals with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury during wheelchair use. The bar is made of high strength aluminum alloy padded with high resiliant foam tubing and covered with a Lycra slip cover. The bars are U shaped with a 30-degree angle at the bends. The unit includes two quarter-inch 20 x 0.5 inch SHHD screws for attaching to the Swivel Tube or "T" Tube-Plate weldment

Occipital Ring With Hinge Bracket (Models 1456, 1455, 1467, & 1468)

The Occipital Rings are neck supports designed for head, neck, trunk, and shoulder support during wheelchair use. The ring is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and covered with high density tubular foam and a Lycra form-fitting slip cover. The hinge bracket at the back of the ring is designed to interface with the swivel tube hardware for use on a wheelchair. SIZES: Available in small child, large child, small adult and large adult. DIMENSIONS: The width between the support tubes is 3.5 inche

Rolyan Cervical Roll (Model A818301)

The Rolyan Cervical roll, model A818301, is a neck pillow designed to assist with cervical spine alignment for persons with cervical pain and stress. This foam roll is wrapped with a cotton cover and helps to encourage proper neck flexion. It can be machine washed and dried. DIMENSIONS: (Length x Width) 18 x 4.25 inches.

S.o.f.t. Headrest System (Models Soft-1, Soft-2, Soft-3, Soft-4, & Soft-5)

The S.O.F.T. (Sub Occipital Formed Three-piece) Headrest System is a head and neck support designed to provide lateral cervical support. The device consists of a rear occipital pad and two sub occipital pads curved to allow ear clearance and to prevent "hooking". Each of the 3 components is independently adjustable. The support system also features ball and socket adjustments to provide an additional plane of movement. The total unit is attached to a height adjustable rod that is attached to the

Shane’s Neck Brace

Shane’s Neck Support Brace is designed to keep a user's head in an upright position without degrading the muscle tone from restricted movement. Made of flexible synthetic tubing, Shane’s Neck Brace: allows the head full range of motion with 360 degree support as needed; can be used for many neck conditions or injuries, and can help improve one’s posture and aid with balance and neck fatigue; is completely waterproof; comes in three adjustable sizes; is endorsed for several conditions by doctors,

Swivel Tube (Models 3715, 3715-01. 3716, 3716-01, 3717, & 3717-01)

The Swivel Tube is neck support interface hardware designed for positioning an occipital ring on a wheelchair. The Swing Tube attaches to the hinge bracket on the occipital ring and slides through the tube mount attached to the wheelchair back. DIMENSIONS: The Swivel Tubes are available in 4-, 6-, or 10-inch lengths. COLOR: Available in black and stainless steel.

Tumble Forms Carrie Collar (Model 2774C)

The Tumble Forms Carrie Collar, model 2774C, is a head and neck support designed to support the jawline and occipital region to help improve head control, neck flexion, and midline positioning for children who have physical disabilities. The collar may be used alone or with other seating systems. The horseshoe-shaped collar slips over the head, extends to the chest, and fastens in the front with a quick-release hook-and-loop fastener. The collar features the Tumble Forms waterproof coating.

Whit Kit (Model A0001)

The Whit Kit, model A0001, is a large selection of head supports allowing the clinician to evaluate what head support system works best for the client. It includes head support pads and hardware which let the clinician create custom solutions by mixing and matching components. They come packed in a hard shell plastic case for transporting. Also included is the Quik Mount hardware bracket (see separate entry) for fast and simple assembly and adjustment on any wheelchair. Whit Kit comes complete w

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