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Ablenet Responsable Wearable Alert Unit

AbleNet Responsable Wearable Alert Unit is designed for use by seniors, individuals with mobility or balance disabilities or individuals at risk for medical emergencies. It works with users existing phone lines, allowing them to program up to four phone numbers to call on a single push of a button. An additional pendant allows another loved one, patient or student to use the same base station and easily access the same two-way cordless speakerphone functionality. CAPACITY: Use up to four pendant

All Terrain Walkaroos

These All Terrain Walkeroos are designed for individuals who use walkers to get around. The Walkaroos are supportive tips for walkers. They glide and move smoothly across carpet and floors while offering stability. Easy to install: remove old cap, put Walkaroo on and twist in place to secure. Comes in sets of 2. Designed not to catch on or mark flooring. Made of high density polyethylene. Non-porous material decreases chance of spreading harmful germs. Comes in a set of 2.

Assistive Door Locker

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Helps the elderly or those with fine motor disabilities lock bolt locks. A combination of a small wood piece, a rubber cap (i.e. piggy bank stopper) and a small metal bar form the door assist. COMMENTS: The Assistive Door Locker allows those with limited hand use more easily lock and turn small door locks.

Baby Cry Transmitter

The baby cry transmitter is designed for use by new parents who want to know when their infant needs them from rooms away. The receiver notifies the user or the mother by sounding, flashing, and vibrating. So it is not triggered unnecessarily, it has adjustable sensitivity, an individual alert can be chosen for each baby, it has reliable transmission, long lasting power as it lasts up to 1 year on a standard battery, and works with all the visit receivers.It comes with a baby cry transmitter, a

Bed Assist For Home Style Beds With Cushioned Hand Grip

Bed Assist Handle for Home Style Beds with Cushioned Hand Grip is designed for persons with limited mobility, the elderly, or those who have difficulty with balance, as it helps the user get in and out of bed safely. To set up, slide between the box spring and mattress. Laminated wood base. Cushioned hand grip.

Bi-Fold Sensor Pad For Chair And Bed

The Bi-Fold Sensor Pad is a discrete sensor that alerts a caregiver when their patient has fallen from their bed or chair. This dual purpose sensor pad can be folded. In it’s folded format the pad measures 15 inches wide x 15 inches long and can be placed on the wheelchair either above or below the seat cushion. In the unfolded position it measures 15 inches wide x 30 inches long and can be placed under or over the mattress. The pad is liquid resistant.

Board Bug Advanced Baby and Child Monitor

The Board Bug Advanced Baby and Child Monitor is designed for use by caregivers who may be hard of hearing. It consists of two lightweight portable units that can be worn by parent and child. It provides monitoring of a baby or child through the various stages of growth and is designed to alert parents if a baby is crying or a toddler has wandered off out of range.

Bond GPS Tracker

The Bond GPS Tracker is a wandering patient system designed to track the movements of the user, providing peace of mind to caregivers concerned with their safety. The device is hermetically sealed, with a sensitive antenna and 50 channel GPS receiver. It uses uBlox electronics and a 3G modem. The battery capacity is 2000mAh which provides about ten days of battery life in normal tracking mode. The tracker is small in size and is water resistant. It can be fitted in a specific location (e.g. wi

Care First Aid Kit

The Car First Aid Kit is designed for commercial, fleet, and personal vehicles to store aids in the case that the potential user was in an automobile accident. Product comes in a hard metal case with gasket. Fits under the seat of a vehicle or in the glove compartment. 93-piece kit. Kit includes (25) 3/4 inches x 3 inches adhesive plastic bandages, (1) 5 Knuckle, 5 large fingertip fabric bandages, (6) 3 inches x 3 inches Gauze dressing pads, (1) 2 inches Conforming gauze roll bandage, (1) 36 inc

Community Sidekick

Community Sidekick is a personal location tracking program designed for use with people who have autism, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, brain injury and other cognitive disabilities. This application (or "app") is designed for use with the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to notify the user's friends, family members or caregivers of the exact location of him or her. The first time the user starts the program, he or she can enter and save email addresses of people to be notified of his or her loc

Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

The Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor is an accurate and has a comfortable cuff. Each monitor’s systolic and diastolic measurements are 2 ½ x more accurate than lesser models by Hammacher Schlemmer. The cuff does not over tighten and is smooth against the skin. The LCD panel shows diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings in 7/8 inch-high numerals, as well as pulse, date, and time. LEDs alert you if blood pressure readings fall outside recommended levels. The display stores up to 90 readings for

Flip A Grip Folding Support Handle

The Flip a grip folding support handle is designed for individuals that have balance difficulties, anyone with poor special awareness, or those who need a little extra help walking through doorways. This product glows in the dark so it is visible in the dark when those with visual impairment may benefit from its use. It mounts on doorways or on the stairs or between a door and a screen door. Product can be folded away when not needed. Latex-free non slip grip.

Gps Smartsole

The GPS Smartsoles are designed for people who have a form of memory impairment such as individuals with Alzeimer's, Dementia, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury or other cognitive memory disability to help their caregiver keep track of where their loved one(s) have wandered. Using the built-in GPS the persons’ caregiver can track their loved one’s location through any smartphone, tablet or web browser, and set up text and e-mail alerts if they leave or enter defined areas on a map.

Lightweight Half Step

This Lightweight Half Step is designed for persons with limited lower body mobility or anyone with walking disabilities. It is for those who find going up or down steps challenging. The Lightweight Half Step is designed to reduce the step height for older and for disabled people. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Made from durable recycled heavy duty plastic. Stable in sunlight and freezing conditions. Top of step has a cross hatch design providing a textured, nonslip service. Can be leveled b

Midland Weather Alert Radio With Silent Call Strobe Light/

Alert Radio with Silent Call Strobe Light is designed for the hearing impaired who need to be contacted by a siren or for the deaf, as a silent strobe light flashes when activated, in addition to the siren. It is a safety alert system that can help those individuals know what the weather is and if there is an emergency. It can store information from 7 counties and uses National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) channels. Has Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology. Public Al


Recaro is a car seat designed for use with children weighing 9-36 kilograms with balance, neurological, or other physical disabilities. It is made out of an aluminum frame and offers additional contoured seat padding, lateral support and adjustability. Additional features include anatomical seat padding with leg support and an adjustable back height and seat depth. The width of the shoulder pads is adjustable and it comes with a standard 5-point safety harness with simplified central adjustmen


The Res-Q-Up is a staggered stepper that allows a fallen individual to independently stand or sit after a fall. With spacing of 4.5 inches between three steps, the stepper allows an individual to propel themselves up into a standing or seated position.


SmartWatch is designed for use by individuals with a history of epileptic seizures. SmartWatch is an easy-to-use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion. When the SmartWatch detects repetitive shaking motion, it signals the user’s Android phone to send text and phone call alerts to whomever the SmartWatch user designates, such as a family member or care provid

Super Grip Perma Handle

The Super Grip Perma Handle is a bathroom safety product designed to help with getting in and out of the bathtub/shower and to help prevent slips or falls. It is a textured handle, opposed to a Chrome, Vinyl, or Enamel Hand Bar. It is made for individuals with balance issues and/or any other disability that makes it difficult to step in or out of the bathtub or shower. It can be used by a person of any age and attaches to most surfaces. It screws in for a permanent hold and can be mounted vertic

Talking First Aid Kit

The Talking First Aid Kit is a voice output first aid kit designed for use by individuals who are blind, have low vision or have reading or learning disabilities. This kit combines patented care pack design along with audio guidance to deliver first aid when needed. This kit includes care packs for nine specific first aid areas, each of which includes an instruction card. When the user squeezes a button on one of the instruction cards, a calm, clear voice guides him or her through the proper fir

Tweri App For Those With Alzheimer's

Tweri is a mobility tracking application, that allows the location of a person with Alzheimer's to be tracked.


WayFinder is an audible mobility and personal location tracking program, cognitive aid, prompter, and voice output navigation system designed for use by individuals with cognitive and memory disabilities or who are blind or have low vision. This software is for a personal digital assistant (PDA) (not included) and uses GPS (global positioning satellite)–based personalized audio and visual cues to support independent travel via bus systems and on foot. WayFinder enables the user to create specifi

Wheelchair Safety Alarm

The Wheelchair Safety Alarm is designed to help caregivers keep track of the disabled love one. It sounds an alert as soon as the individual lifts themselves out of their wheelchair. Covered in waterproof vinyl. Can be used by other chairs as well. The pressure pad connects to the audio alarm. The alarm has an On/Off switch and battery warning.


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