Long Handled Garden Tool

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Digging Tool

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To produce a long-handled digging tool designed for use by individuals in a sitting position. Cut curved handles out of wood with a bandsaw, designing them to be as long as needed to provide an easy reach from a sitting position. Attach a broken hay rake tine to create the digger. MATERIALS: Wood to be cut for handle; hay rake tine. TOOLS: Bandsaw. SKILLS REQUIRED: Basic shop skills. TITLE: Doing It Yourself. AUTHOR: Wechsler, K. JOURNAL: Quest. WEB SITE: http:/

Edging Shear (Model 2034) & Lawn Shear (Model 2040)

Long handled edging shear, vertical or horizontal 7 inch blades, smooth pivot action. Handles 32 to 33 inches long, plastic grips.

Extendable Loppers

The Extendable Loppers are a long-handled garden tool designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or short stature. This lightweight tool has a sharp blade to cut through branches, and the telescoping handles extend and lock into six positions. DIMENSIONS: The tool is 26.5 inches long with handles collapsed, and the handles extend from 19 to 32.5 inches. WEIGHT: 3.5 pounds.

Long-Handled Fork

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with quadriplegia to do digging tasks in the garden. The fork has a long wooden handle and the tines were machined on a lathe to be curved slightly to reduce resistance and tapered to turn easily in the ground. A strip of gauze was wrapped around the handle to protect the user's hand. TITLE: Fred's Garden. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Vol 21 no 4, Summer 2001: p. 17. PAGES (including cover): 2 2001.

Reach Weeder

The Reach Weeder is a long-handled garden tool designed for use by individuals with mobility or upper extremity disabilities. This 3-in-1 garden weeder digs, grabs, and slices. The weeder's telescoping handle extends, adding extra leverage. This gardening tool also has an ultra-light aluminum handle wrapped in a soft foam grip. This tool is designed for maintenance of established gardens and flower beds. DIMENSIONS: The handle extends from 43 to 67.5 inches.

Three-Piece Telescoping Tool Set

The 3-piece Telescoping Tool Set is a set of long-handled garden tools designed for use by individuals with mobility or upper extremity disabilities and people who use wheelchairs. This set includes a trowel, a shrub rake, and a cultivator. The tools have strong, lightweight steel handles that telescope to fit the need. The tools have soft, nonslip grips and tool heads of heat-treated steel with a powder-coated, rust-resistant finish. Metal end rings allow hanging storage. DIMENSIONS: The handle

Uproot Weed And Root Remover

The UpRoot Weed and Root Remover is a long handled weeder designed for use by individuals with arthritis, and difficulty bending. This garden tool features a long lightweight aluminum shaft that allows the user to remove garden and lawn weeds without kneeling or bending. Four serrated, stainless steel claws grab weeds by the root for a clean removal and an easy-eject mechanism clears the head between uses. Other features include a foot platform that makes it easy to step down and maximize force

Weed Zinger Weeding Tool

The Weed Zinger Weeding Tool is a long reach weed pulling tool with spring release designed for use by individuals with limited balance and mobility. This long handle weeding aid allows users to get rid of weeds without bending, kneeling, or lifting. This eco-friendly steel constructed tool allows the user’s hands to stay clean and their yard to be chemical free. The Weed Zinger is designed to remove the hardiest weeds and its roots from all types of soil, even heavy clay. It grabs the weed, ro

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