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Ameriphone Amsx Alertmaster Motion Sensor (Model 01884)

The Ameriphone AMSX AlertMaster Motion Sensor, model 01884, is a wireless security system designed to indicate the presence of someone in the house for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. It monitors the entry, hallway, or window and notifies the user of any unusual motion. POWER: Uses one 9-volt battery (included). WARRANTY: One year.


The PathLights are motion-activated night lights designed for use by people with low vision and others that may need assistance navigating in low light conditions. The PathLights can be mounted along a stairway, hall or other walkway. When mounted in a series, these round LED lights will illuminate in sequence to guide a person along a path. Once one of the lights is triggered by its motion sensor, the units communicate wirelessly with each other so that they light up in sequence down the stair

Wireless Vibration/sound Sensor Door Light

The Wireless Vibration/ Sound Sensor Door Light is a flashing light signal designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The unit is designed to be hung on a doorknob, and when someone knocks on the door or turns the doorknob, the unit lights in response. This unit may also be used with either a telephone or an alarm clock. POWER: Uses three double-A batteries (not included).

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