Eye Drop Dispenser

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Autodrop Eyedrop Guide

Autodrop Eyedrop Guide is designed for use by individuals with limited fine motor and grasping difficulties while trying to use an eyedropper. The guide holds the eye open and directs the drops, allowing for accurate eye drop installation. The Autodrop Eyedrop Guide clips into place and positions the bottle at the correct angle over the eye. The special cup design prevents blinking by keeping the lower eyelid open. Unique pinhole directs eyesight upward and away from the descending drops.

Autosqueeze Eyedrop Bottle Squeezer

Autosqueeze Eyedrop Bottle Squeezer is a designed for use by individuals with decreased hand strength and manual dexterity. The enlarged levers help to make bottles easier to squeeze by providing extra leverage.

Easy Eye Drops

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of an eye drop dispenser to assist people who have the use of only one hand, fine motor disabilities, or have other difficulties applying eye drops into the eye. Easy Eye Drops is an eye medicine dropper that allows and individual to dispense the liquid into the eye using just one hand. This device has two hinged plastic flaps that are located on opposite sides of the nozzle of the dispenser. When an eye is closed, the flaps are placed gent

Eyedrop Dispenser

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with arthritis and other upper extremity disabilities to administer eye drops. Two pieces of PVC tubing were cut to fit the user's hands and joined with hinges. Between the hinges, a slot was fitted to grip the eye drop container and two knobs touched the sides of the container. When pumped, the knobs squeeze the container and deliver the medication. The device also aids in removing the top of the container. The container is placed in the slot

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