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Amtryke Adult Series 2700 20 Inch Tricycle

The 2700 Series was developed to satisfy the requests of therapists who were seeking a cycle for higher functioning riders needing the full support provided by a wide wheelbase and stability of a tricycle. These tricycles are intended for use with teens/adults with disabilities or to provide mobility and exercise opportunities for teens and adults/seniors. The low step-through frame makes transfer safe and easy. The Safety steering lock pin allows for total control of steering.

Discovery Series (Models Dcp 12 Rs, Dcp 16, & Dcp 16 Wg)

The Discovery Series are child or junior tricycles designed for use by children and adolescents with mobility or neurological disabilities. The DCP 12 RS tricycle features direct drive and low gear ratios for smoother pedaling motion. A limited front-wheel turning radius, wide wheelbase, and low center of gravity aid in safety and stability. The seat and upright handlebar height are adjustable, and the handlebar can be moved out of the way for dismounting. The seat is available in low- and high-

Dura-Trikes (Models W5983 & W6295)

Dura-Trikes are child tricycles designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. These trikes feature thick steel frames with rustproof electroplate finishes, a poly cush seat for comfort and back support, spokeless wheels, and solid rubber tires. SIZES: Model W5983 is medium and model W6295 is large. DIMENSIONS: The medium trike has a 12-inch front wheel, a 15.75-inch high seat, and a handlebar height of 25.5 inches. The large trike has a 14-inch front wheel, a seat height of 16.5 inche

Freedom 3 Cycles (Models Jpr 160 & Jpr 200)

Freedom 3 Cycles are recumbent-style, leg-powered tricycles designed for use by individuals with neurological and balance disabilities. Both of these cycles feature a tubular steel frame, an adjustable seat, chest supports, large foam handlebars, and rear wheel housing. The pedals are located slightly in front of the front wheel. Both models have three mag wheels and pneumatic tires. A safety strap and a side assistance handle enable the cycles to be pulled or steered by a companion, and an emer

Hand And Foot Powered Cycle

The Hand and Foot Powered Cycle is a hand- and foot-propelled tricycle designed for children and adults ages 5 and above with neuromuscular disabilities or cerebral palsy who need to use both their feet and hands to propel the cycle. The user pedals with his or her feet and/or pushes and pulls the handlebars to propel this cycle. It features front wheel drive with a single speed. The cycle is custom-designed and fitted to each user using his or her measurements and guidelines to ensure a perfect

Monomano Cycling System

The MonoMano Cycling System is a leg-propelled adult tricycle with adapted tricycle handlebars intended for upper extremity amputees and others who have the use of only one hand, including stroke survivors and people with brain injury or arthritis. This system includes a Sun Bicycles EZ-3 recumbent tricycle with the MonoMano Handlebar (see separate entry) attached to the horizontal support beam in the center of the trike's standard U-shaped handlebar. The design of the MonoMano Handlebar enables

Patroni Armcycle

The Patroni Armcycle is a hand propelled three-wheeled cycle for adults or youth. The cycle's front wheels and crossmember are removable for transport or storage. FRAME: The frame is made of a single steel beam and powdercoat painted in red, white, blue, or yellow. SEAT: The 1-piece seat is semi-recumbent style and made of molded plastic and situated 10 inches off the ground. Seat dimensions are 15 x 15 inches with a 15-inch seat back. Legs rest extended between the two front wheels. POWER INPUT

Roadmaster Tricycles (Models Rm-12 & Rm-16)

Roadmaster Tricycles are designed to be adapted for use by children with physical disabilities. This tricycle features a steel frame with a wide saddle-style steel seat, pedals on the fron wheel, and standard tricycle handlebars. OPTIONS: Upright handlebars, tricycle back support, tricycle pommel, and foot pedal attachments. DIMENSIONS: Model RM-12 has a 12-inch front wheel and model RM-16 has a 16-inch front wheel.

Terrier Tricycle, Tmx Tricycle, Terrier Duo, & Tmx Duo

The Terrier and TMX Tricycles are foot-pedalled three-wheeled cycles for children and youth, and the Terrier Duo and TMX Duo are the same cycles but have a handcrank added for encouraging arm and foot movement. The cycles are built for stability, and are adjustable to allow the addition of cycle accessories for riders with disabilities. FRAME: Metallic tubing frame is reinforced, and has anti tipping devices. SEAT: Bicycle style seat is height adjustable. WHEELS: The Terrier trikes have 14-inch

Tonicross Tricycles (Models Jm-1, Jm-2, & Jm-3)

ToniCross Tricycles are child or junior tricycles designed for use by children from 2.5 years of age through adolescence with mobility or neurological disabilities. These tricycles are chain-driven from the rear wheels, placing the pedals directly under the seat for an easier pedaling motion. A limited front-wheel turning radius, wide wheelbase, and low center of gravity aid in safety and stability. The seat and upright handlebar height are adjustable and the hand brake can be placed on the righ

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