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AMARA is a computer programming software component that is designed for the deaf and/or hard of hearing. It adds captioning to and translates videos. For instance, if this platform is used with YouTube, videos would have captioning and/or translation added to them. It also works with Vimeo and HTML.5. Multiple viewers can help the producer of the video add subtitles and/or translations via a comments section. Has a flexible application Programming Interface (API), making videos and captions easi

Baby Cry Transmitter

The baby cry transmitter is designed for use by new parents who want to know when their infant needs them from rooms away. The receiver notifies the user or the mother by sounding, flashing, and vibrating. So it is not triggered unnecessarily, it has adjustable sensitivity, an individual alert can be chosen for each baby, it has reliable transmission, long lasting power as it lasts up to 1 year on a standard battery, and works with all the visit receivers.It comes with a baby cry transmitter, a

Block Letter Communicator

The Block Letter Communicator is a communication device for individuals who are deaf-blind. This small, lightweight device enables individuals who are deaf-blind and who do not know Braille to communicate with sighted individuals. When a sighted person types on the unit's QWERTY keyboard, the characters are presented as extra large tactile block letters. POWER: Uses rechargeable batteries.

Braille Sense U2 (Model H432B)

The Braille Sense U2, model H432B, is a Braille notetaker and word processor designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This compact, portable braille notetaker has a 9-key Perkins-style Braille keyboard, a 32-cell braille display and an LCD display. It provides the functionality of a laptop computer, including WiFi, chat, document processing, DAISY playback, GPS, YouTube, Excel, and DropBox. It can perform up to seven tasks simultaneously. The Braille Sense U2 includes mu

Braille Sense U2 Qwerty (Model H432Q)

The Braille Sense U2 QWERTY, model H432Q, is a Braille and electronic notetaker and word processor designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This compact, portable notetaker has a 9-key Perkins-style Braille keyboard, a QWERTY (alphabetic) keyboard, a 32-cell braille display, and an optional LCD display. It provides the functionality of a laptop computer, including WiFi, chat, document processing, DAISY playback, GPS, YouTube, Excel, and DropBox. It can perform up to sev

BrailleNote GPS & Receiver for BrailleNote, VoiceNote, or BrailleNote PK - 8GB

BrailleNote GPS & Receiver for BrailleNote, VoiceNote, or BrailleNote PK - 8GB is intended for blind and low vision people to help with way-finding. The GPS alerts the user the names of streets, when approaching an intersection and when it’s time to take a turn. It's a software designed to guide the user with precise information about the surroundings. It is a portable device and can be used exploring by foot or the surrounding.  Allows as well as a note taking and voice recorder. 


The Braillephone is a portable braille telephone device designed for use by individuals who are deaf blind. This device can be used for telephone communication or it can be used for face-to-face communication between a person who is deaf blind and any other person using a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) or deaf relay service. In addition, the system is designed to enable those who are deaf blind to access most computer systems running DOS- or Windows-based software, as well as Inter

Central Alert Mini Notification System

The Central Alert Mini Notification System is designed for individuals who are hearing impaired or deaf. It is extra loud and bright when it flashes, alerting the user to a doorbell ringer, a text, or a call. It has a CentralAlert Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher, a Wireless Doorbell, Alerts to incoming phone calls and texts. As well, the Central Alert Mini Notification System has alerts to Skype and FaceTime calls and a loud ringer and bright flasher alerts. In addition, the product has a backup batte

Corded Phone With Big Buttons And Speakerphone

This corded phone with big buttons and speakerphone is designed for the blind or visually impaired. This product has braille augmented keys with tactile numbers to make it easier to see or feel. Handset, receiver, volume control, (normal/high), large buttons, and visual ringer. Some of its features include 13 number memories, power failure protection, line powered, a hands free speakerphone, speaker volume control, ringer on/off switch. It is hearing aid compatible.

Dazor Esd Safe Hi-Lighting Clamp Base Magnikfier

This Dazor magnifier is designed for the vision impaired. It has a highlighting effect on irregular surfaces. The clear crown-optical glass lens allows for clear and distortion-free viewing. The curve of the arm provides a total reach of 30 inches. Can be clamped on permanently to a horizontal surface.

Deafblind Communicator

The DeafBlind Communicator, also called DB Communicator or DBC, is a communication system for use by individuals who are deaf blind. The system consists of two separate portable components. The main unit is the DB BrailleNote, which is a BrailleNote mPower (available with either a Perkins Braille or QWERTY alphabetic keyboard and with either an 18-cell or 32-cell Braille display) installed with deafblind software. The companion unit is the DB-Phone which is a cell phone with a visual display and

Emergency Contact Data Kit

Emergency Contact Data is a kit designed to help the deaf communicate in emergency situations. Each new member would be sent a free kit and a free mobile app. The free kit contains a credit card-sized photo ID card, 3 key chain tags, 2 cling-on Emergency Contact Data for their windshield/home, and 2 stick-on emergency decals for a mobile phone. If an individual has a cat or dog, the cat or dog may be added to the system. To prevent any identity theft, ECD does not ask for any sensitive informati


FaceToFace is a communication system designed for use by individuals who are deaf-blind. The system allows a user who is deaf-blind to communicate wirelessly with a sighted partner at a distance of up to 30 feet. The system includes software, a Hewlett Packard iPAQ Pocket PC with thumb keyboard, and a CompactFlash Bluetooth card. The software also can run on a PAC Mate notetaker (not included), available with either a 20-cell or 40-cell refreshable braille display. The deaf-blind party uses the

Hims Chat

HIMS Chat is a communicator program designed for use by that allows people with or without disabilities to communicate with individuals who are deaf blind using an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This application (or app) facilitates face-to-face communication between the deaf-blind person and another person via a Bluetooth connection between an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and a Braille Sense notetaker (Braille Sense U2, OnHand or U2 QWERTY) or a Braille EDGE 40 braille display and keyboard (s

Humanware Communicator

The HumanWare Communicator is a multilingual face-to-face conversation app designed to help deaf-blind individuals communicate on an everyday basis. This app is intended to establish a text conversation between a deaf-blind person and a sighted person. All interaction appears both on the deaf-blind person’s refreshable Braille display, as well as visually on the screen of the iOS device.

Kentucky Porta Braille & Kentucky Pocket Braille

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Communication device for blind and deaf-blind individuals. Porta Braille is an interactive Braille computer terminal with a 20 cell refreshable Braille display, Braillewriter Keyboard and up to 256K of memory. Pocket Braille is a less expensive note taking and writing system and can be used as a paperless Braille writer. Contents of its memory can be transmitted to a host computer and edited there. The instruction manual contains complete information f

Midland Weather Alert Radio With Silent Call Transmitter

The Midland Weather Radio with Silent Transmitter is an around-the-clock radio, in real time, that is designed for use by individuals who are deaf or have a hearing impairment, or those who have hearing loss. A Silent Call 318MHz transmitter is also included and works with any Silent Call Original Series receiver up to 100 feet away. This Silent Call Transmitter uses Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology and has 7 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) channels. Is Public

Mobile Lorm Glove

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a communication device that allows individuals who are deaf and blind who use Lorm, a tactile signing language, communicate with each other via mobile technology. The prototype called, Mobile Lorm Glove, relies on Lorm. The bottom side of the glove has pressure sensors which translate Lorm into visual or audible forms of communication, such as text messages or speech over a mobile phone. The glove allows its wearer to receive text messag

Screen Braille Communicator

The Screen Braille Communicator is a communication device designed for use by individuals who are deaf blind. This small, lightweight communicator enables the user to communicate with sighted people who may not know Braille by way of a Braille keyboard. One side of the communicator has a Braille keyboard and a refreshable Braille display, while the other side has an alphabetic keyboard and a visual display. POWER: Uses rechargeable batteries.

Sony Digital Voice Recorder, Model ICDPX133

The Sony ICDPX333 Digital Voice Recorder is a recorder designed for the hearing impaired and for those with blind or low vision and individuals with memory problems to allow them to playback lectures and conversations they don't want to forget or didn't hear correctly. Features include 4GB flash memory for storing up to 1,073 hours of audio, a track-mark function for simple recall of important moments. The noise-cut mode plays back speech clearly. Activates the recorder only when audible sound i

Tellatouch (Model 22-0501-1)

Tellatouch, model 22-0501-1, is a manual braille writer and refreshable braille display designed for use in communication with individuals who are deaf blind. This communication device for the deaf blind has a keyboard with four rows of keys, and a braille display. The top three rows of the keyboard have keys for the alphabet, and the fourth row has the keys of a standard braille keyboard. To receive messages, the deaf blind user places a hand over the braille display. A sighted individual can c

Toolkit Voice Software For The Speech-Impaired

Toolkit is a software program that is designed to help the speech-impaired communicate with others. Unlike most software programs for the speech-impaired which ignore the fact that persons with speech-impairment still have a voice, this software program records the individual’s voice and deciphers the user’s words or translates the user’s pronunciation into understandable speech. It then may be played back on a smartphone or a tablet. This program is still being tested in Israel and Europe. Its

Travel Shaker Travel Alarm Clock

The Travel Shaker Alarm Clock (by Sonic Alert) is an alarm clock design for persons who are hard of hearing or for the hearing impaired, as well as deaf blind individuals. Comes with a pillow strap with clasp and protective travel case. Travel Shaker Portable Travel Alarm Clock shakes you awake with its bed shaker and a loud, pulsating alarm. The Travel Shaker Alarm has a .75 inch display, a four-minute snooze setting, travel case, and pillow clasp.

Weather Radio With Light And Bed Shaker

This Midland Weather Alert Radio with Silent Call Light and Bed Shaker is designed for those with hearing impairments and also for the blind and or deaf. The flashing strobe light and the bed shaker are included. It gives alerts,both visual and audible to hazardous weather conditions at all times. It uses Specific Alert Message Encoding (SAME) technology. Has 7 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) channels. Public Alert certified. Selectable warning system. Voice, siren, and tone

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