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Crutch Accessory Kit (Model T70040)

The Crutch Accessory Kit, model T70040, is a set of crutch tips, crutch handgrip pads, and crutch underarm cushions designed for use on wooden or aluminum axillary crutches. The set includes two reinforced rubber underarm pads (model T70010), two solid tube-style crutch handgrip pads (model 70020) with extra-thick cushioning, and two rubber crutch tips reinforced with metal washers (model 70034). DIMENSIONS: The crutch tips fit crutches with 7/8- or one-inch shafts. COLOR: The handgrip and under

Crutch Tips

The Crutch Tips are crutch tips designed for use with most crutches. These crutch tips are designed to provide skid-resistant traction and have extra tread for improved durability. The tips are available in Standard with a standard base for short term use and Extra Large with an extra-thick base for long-term use. DIMENSIONS: Tip size is 7/8 inch.

Crutch Tips (Models 6020 & 6021)

The Crutch Tips are designed to fit on the bottom of crutches for better traction. The tips are made of natural rubber with a swivel design for traction and flexibility. Shock is absorbed by a large cushioned base. The tips have wide vacuum sealings grip. DIMENSIONS: 1 7/16 inch diameter base x 2 inches high (Medium, $1.65) and 2 inch diameter base x 3 inches high (Super, $2.75).

Keen Adventure Crutch / Cane Tip

The Keen Adventure Crutch/Cane Tip is a replacement cane or crutch tip designed for use with Keen Navigator crutches and most standard canes and crutches. These tips flex 30 degrees for added stability. DIMENSIONS: Fits tips 0.75 to 7/8 inches in diameter. The diameter of the base is 2 inches and the tip is 3 inches high. WEIGHT: 3.6 ounces. COLOR: Black, blue, yellow, orange, or red.

Non-Skid Device For Crutches.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device prevents crutch user from slipping on wet or icy surfaces. Made of retractable, carbide- tipped point which is attached to a stainless steel sleeve. This device is designed for the Canadian cane but can be modified to fit other types of canes and crutches. Sleeve is attached to crutch with screws. COMMENTS: White glue placed on the screw threads prevent screws from loosening. SKILLS REQUIRED: Metalworking. TITLE: Non-skid Device for Crutches JOU

Rubber Crutch Tips (Models 5134 & 5135)

The Rubber Crutch Tips are designed for use with axillary and forearm crutches. These rubber tips help grip the surface and absorb shock and are reinforced with metal inserts. SIZES: Model 5134 is large and model 5135 is extra large. DIMENSIONS: Model 5134 has a 1.75-inch opening diameter and model 5135 has an opening diameter of 2 inches.

Safe T Grip (Models 400, 500, & 550)

Natural rubber crutch tip with metal disc at base of shaft cavity. For 3/4 to 7/8 inch shafts. Super base diameter 2 inches; height 3 inches. Large base diameter 1 3/4 inches; height 2 1/2 inches. Medium base diameter 1 1/2 inches; height 1 3/4 inches.

Safe-T-Grip Crutch Or Cane Tip (Model 635)

Rubber cane tip with metal disc at base of shaft cavity. For 1/2 to 5/8 inch shafts base diameter 1 1/8 inch; height 1 3/4 inch. For 3/8 to 1/2 inch shafts base diameter 1 1/8 inch; height 1 3/4 inch. For 1/4 to 3/8 inch shafts base diameter 7/8 inch; height 1 1/4 inch.

Sparkle Cane And Crutch Tips

The Sparkle Cane and Crutch Tips are cane and crutch tips designed for use by individuals who use canes or crutches. These tips are designed to glow in the dark. DIMENSIONS: These tips fit canes and crutches that are .75 inches in diameter. COLOR: Blue, green, pink, or tan.

Tornado And Performance Crutch Tips

Tornado and Performance Crutch tips are designed for use by people with mobility and walking disabilities. They feature a built-in shock absorbing system using Absorbalite surrounded by a nylon net and a 1.75 inch circular steel plate above it. Universal joint action achieved by Absorbalite's ability to compress and absorb shock. Allows for oblique crutch angles while maintaining full bottom contact with ground. Extremely long wear. Guaranteed for three months. Smaller sizes available. Sold i

Tornado Rain Guard Crutch Tips (Model T18)

The Tornado Rain Guard Crutch Tips, model T18, are crutch tips designed for use by individuals with mobility and walking disabilities. These crutch tips are designed to lessen impact and increase grip, even at an angled approach. The tips feature a shock absorbing polymer gel and a new rain tip bonded over the tread that increases resistance to slipping on wet surfaces. These tips fit all crutches with a lower tube diameter of .75 to 1 inch. DIMENSIONS: Base of tips is 2 inches in diameter. WEI


The UltraTip is a cane, crutch, or walker tip designed for use by individuals with walking, lower extremity, or balance disabilities. Made of a special soft material, these tips are designed to last four to ten times as long as traditional tips. The design provides 100 percent touchdown elasticity and a firm grip and enables the tip to flex to maintain ground contact. DIMENSIONS: Available in .75-inch or 5/8-inch. COLOR: Blue, white, red, black, violet, yellow, or silver.

Walk Easy Forearm Crutch Tips (Models T5 & T10)

Walk Easy Forearm Crutch Tips are available in two models. Model T10, a pivoting tip, is designed to fit adult size crutches and is made of sand and titanium. Model T5 fits pediatric size crutches and walking canes and is made of a natural rubber compound.

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