Platform Crutch

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Complete Platform Guide-Line Crutches (Models 676066 & 676076)

Aluminum auxillary crutch with Naugahyde padded platform attachment for forearm weightbearing. Platform attaches with screws and wing nuts and is completely adjustable from axilla to forearm height. Angle of platform tilt adjusts 20 degrees up or down from horizontal. Vertical handgrip adjusts for extension and rotation. Velcro closure over forearm. Tall adult 46 to 60 inches high, adult (model 676066) 45 to 55 inches high, youth (model 676076) 38 to 46 inches high.

Easy Crutch

The Easy Crutch is an axillary knee crutch designed for use by individuals with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries or lower extremity or mobility disabilities. This product resembles a standard axillary crutch except that it has a second leg attached near the bottom of the crutch, and there is a curve platform on top of the second leg on which the user rests his or her knee with the leg bent. The Easy Crutch is intended to be used singly on the side of the body with the injured or disabled le

K-9 Orthopaedic Leg Trolley

The K-9 Orthopaedic Leg Trolley is a knee crutch designed for use by individuals with gout, bunions, diabetic foot ulcers, lower leg amputation, or lower leg injuries such as ruptured achilles tendon, a sprained or broken ankle, a broken foot, or a fractured heel. This lightweight crutch supports the shin with the knee flexed and can be steered with knee pressure, leaving the hands and arms free. It scoots forward two or three meters with one push and turns in its own length. This crutch can be

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