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7-128 Software Game Book

The 7-128 Software Game Book is a set of computer video games that are accessible to individuals with blindness, low vision, color blindness, deafness, or who have upper extremity disabilities. The Game Book and games are self-voicing and work with JAWS, ZoomText magnifier, Dragon NaturallySpeaking (not included; see separate entries). Additional accessibility features include options for Big Type and Windows high contrast settings. Videos are captioned. All controls are single keystroke amd all

Air Guitar Hero

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted version of “Guitar Hero” for individuals with upper limb disabilities or amputation to provide fun, entertaining and therapeutic exercise. “Air Guitar Hero” is an adaptation created by biomechanical engineer Robert Armiger and surgical roboticist Carol Reiley of Johns Hopkins University. The device translates the electrical impulses that occur between a muscle and the brain in the form of a guitar strum. Originally conceive

Animated Puzzles Cd-Rom

The Animated Puzzles CD-Rom is a computer video game designed for use by children with fine motor, upper extremity, or cognitive disabilities. Animated Puzzles offers photo-realistic images from a collection of 55 pictures which are scrambled into a choice of 12, 24, 48, or 96 pieces, with the challenge increasing with the number of pieces. The 48- and 96-piece puzzles are challenging enough for an adult. To play, users click on a puzzle piece, drag it into position, and click again to place

Armadillo Army (Models D-03400-00 & D-03400-Ed)

Armadillo Army is an educational game program and visual training activity designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision. This educational maze game helps students who are visually impaired practice necessary skills such as lateral eye movements, vertical eye movements, searching skills, timing skills, visual discrimination skills, peripheral detection skills, eccentric viewing skills, and eye-hand coordination. The arcade-style game has bright, large graphics for players with lo


Chillingham is a voice output game program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. After receiving a desperate letter from a friend, the player travels to the village of Chillingham and begins a quest to find her, while at the same time fighting just to stay alive. A four-key interface enables the player to travel throughout the village and surrounding countryside; collect, use, combine, or give away various items; examine locations and objects; talk to people and other

Crazy Darts

Crazy Darts is an audible video game program designed for use by players who are blind or have low vision. The player hears a dart panning at a random speed from left to right or from right to left, and uses the spacebar to shoot the dart. The closer the dart is to the center when the player shoots at it, the more points the player gets. When the player shoots a total of ten darts, the player is told his or her score and asked if he or she would like to play again. The maximum attainable score i

Sonic Match

Sonic Match is an audio video game program designed for use by players who are blind or have low vision. In this game, similar to Bop It, the player uses the four arrow keys to match the sounds, and as time goes on, the game gets faster and faster. The longer the player lasts, the more points he or she gets for matching sounds. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 95 or higher operating system; Microsoft DirectX version 8.0 or higher.

Termite Torpedo (Models D-03470-00 & D-03470-Ed)

Termite Torpedo is an educational game program and visual training activity designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. In this arcade-style game, termites are eating their way through Woodville, and the player must clear the playing field of termites. Once the termites have been cleared away, a whole new force appears to take over where the last ones left off. The player must clear all twelve levels of termites to save the city. This game gives students with low vision pra


Wheels! is a video game designed for use by children with cognitive, sensory, or motor disabilities. This game can be played as a game or it can be used to teach wheelchair control skills. This three-dimensional video game has players fight evil clowns and mad robots with pie guns that "cream" the monsters with lemon meringue pies; the monsters fight back with pie guns that fire blueberry pies. The game uses easy-to-follow mazes set in a familiar school setting with familiar objects. Each maze o

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