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Actiflo Catheter Kit With Drainable Odor-Barrier Collection Bags (Models 32004 & 32005)

The ActiFlo Catheter Kit with Drainable Odor-Barrier Collection Bags, models 32004 and 32005, is a fecal drainage system designed for use by individuals with incontinence who cannot use a toilet, commode, or bedpan. The system manages fecal incontinence to reduce skin breakdown that can lead to the formation of pressure ulcers, and to minimize the spread of infections related to fecal incontinence. This bowel management system uses gravity irrigation to remain open and unobstructed. The system p

Bard Dispoz-A-Bag Leg Bag

The Bard Dispoz-A-Bag Leg Bag is a drainage bag designed for use by individuals who use catheters. Available in 19- and 32-ounce capacities, these bags come with a choice of a wing cap drainage valve or a Flip-Flo valve which reduces the risk of spillage. OPTIONS: Latex leg strap, fabric leg strap, wide fabric leg strap, latex tubing, and sterile latex tubing with connector.

Bard Drainage Bags

The Bard Drainage Bags are drainage bag designed for use by individuals who use catheters. These bags have a 2000 cubic centimeter (cc) capacity, an in-line sample port, large diameter tubing, bag vent, sheeting clip, and a latex outer tube with a metal clamp. Models include closed systems with a choice of hooks or hangers and an infection control system with an outlet tube.

Bardia Urinary Drainage Bags (Models 802001 & 802002)

The Bardia Urinary Drainage Bags are designed for use by persons with incontinence. These sterile bags feature an anti-reflux chamber, a sample port and 2000cc capacity. Model 802001 is designed with a living hinge hanger, and model 802002 features an adjustable hook and loop hanger.

Center Entry Urinary Drainage Bag (Model 85-005)

The Center Entry Urinary Drainage Bag, model 85-005, is a drainage bag for use with catheters. The large tubing minimizes standing columns of urine without adding proportional weight to the catheter. The sample port incorporated into the molded connector acts as a safety precaution for nursing personnel and the air vent contains a bacterial pore sized filter material. There is a hook handle for suspending the bag.

Conveen Security+ Extra Large Leg Bag/drainage Bag (Model 5062)

The Conveen Security+ Extra Large Leg Bag/Drainage Bag, model 5062, is a leg bag and drainage bag designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or urinary incontinence. It can be used as a large capacity leg bag during the day and as a bedside bag at night. Features include volume markings; pre-attached, non-latex tubing; soft cloth backing; and an anti-reflux valve. The capacity is 51 ounces. DIMENSIONS: Tubing is 36 inches long.

Freedom Flow Ii

The Freedom Flow™ II, a wireless urinary leg bag emptier, is designed to provide individuals with limited mobility a way to discreetly empty their leg bag on their own, allowing for a greater sense of autonomy and independence. Once the leg bag latex tubing is slid through the Freedom Flow™ II, its pinch valve will keep the tube closed until the user is ready to empty the leg bag. When the user pushes the button on the remote control switch and activates the Freedom Flow™ II, the pinch mechanism

Moveen Night Drainage Bag

The Moveen Night Drainage Bag is a night drainage unit designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, severe physical disabilities, or urinary incontinence. This bag features an angled outlet, two-liter capacity, and extra-long tubing for freedom of movement. DIMENSIONS: Tubing is 56 inches long.

Moveen Syphon Bag

The Moveen Syphon Bag is a drainage bag designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, severe physical disabilities, or urinary incontinence. The bag is worn on the upper thigh, and allows users with limited hand dexterity to empty their bag using the attached tube. The user pushes open the drain, lowers the drain tube below the level of the bag, and the bag empties via the siphon principle while remaining in place.

Urinary Drainage Bag (Model 6031)

The Urinary Drainage Bag is a disposable drainage bag designed for use with catheters. The bag hangs onto a wheelchair, stretcher or bed. It has a built-in tilt-proof drip chamber and a latex bottom drain. CAPACITY: Two quarts. DIMENSIONS: 60-inch long tube with a 9/32 inch interior diameter.

Urinary Drainage System (Model 1296)

Closed circuit system drainage bag with bed side hanger. Ridged connector fits all catheters with protector cap. Flutter valve prevents urine reflux. Urine sampling system allows accurate urine sample without breaking closed circuit system. Graduated 2000cc bag.

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