Visual Orientation Marking

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Ariadne Gps

Ariadne GPS is an app that meets the needs of the blind in an easy-to-use interface. Talking maps allow users to explore the world around them by moving their finger around the map. While exploring, crossing a street is signaled by vibration. It has a "favorites" feature, and can be used to announce stops on the bus or train. Rotating maps keep users centered, with territory behind the user on the bottom of the screen and what is ahead on the top portion. Available in multiple languages, Ariadne

Nearby Explorer

Nearby Explorer is an Android App designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It includes built-in maps covering millions of points of interest in the U.S. and Canada. Nearby Explorer uses GPS and your phone’s compass to speak real-time information about: surrounding and approaching streets, businesses, institutions, and public facilities. Nearby Explorer continually updates distance/direction to the nearest point or a selected point. This increases awareness of your exa

Safe-T-First Rubber Wall Base

The Safe-T-First Rubber Wall Base is a detectable orientation surface designed for use by individuals with low vision. The glow strip rubber wall base covers the bottom edge of the wall and acts as a transition between the wall and the floor. It is co-extruded with a strip of luminous Permalight photoluminescent material. In emergencies such as fires, it can indicate a continuous uninterrupted pathway to safety. Its low location is advantageous in a fire emergency, since the safest place to be d

Stair Tread For The Visually Impaired

Stair Tread for the Visually Impaired is a visual orientation marking and non-skid stair tread designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This rubber stair tread has a raised carborendum strip in a high contrast color. Tread styles include Decorative and Classic with round or square profiles, and a one-piece tread/riser combination. OPTIONS: Harsh environment treads impervious to toxic chemicals, abrasions, and grease (one-piece tread/riser combination only). DIMENSIONS: T

Stairglow Handrail Cover (Models Ph101 & Ph102)

The StairGlow Handrail Cover, models PH101 and PH102, is a visual orientation marking and emergency evacuation navigation aid designed to help individuals with low vision or balance or walking disabilities locate the handrail in order to walk up or down stairs more safely. These covers attach permanently to a wide variety of stair rails. Covers are available to fit square (model PH102) or round (PH101) handrails. A co-extruded photoluminescent strip is an integral part of the unit. It glows for

Stairglow Stairnosing (Models Ps101 & Ps102)

Stairglow Stairnosing, models PS101 and PS102, is a high contrast warning surface and anti-slip stair tread covering designed to increase stairway safety for individuals with low vision or balance or walking disabilities. A photoluminescent strip and a non-skid tread are molded into the stair surface. The photoluminescent strip glows for several hours after being exposed to ambient light. The surface creates a highly visible step edge to reduce falls and to guide people using the stairs during p

Tactile Flooring

Tactile Flooring is a detectable warning surface and tactile and visual orientation marking designed for use by individuals who are blind or deaf blind or have low vision. Each rubber tile has raised circular bumps and is available with a broad, high-contrast stripe. DIMENSIONS: Each tile is 35.7 x 35.7 inches. COLOR: Yellow stripe on jet, Dartmoor shale, charcoal slate, pewter, London fog, Moroccan blue, ruby rouge, roasted chestnut, sandcastle, Cafe Au Lait, Fall Harvest, burnt orange, dolphin

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