Digital Camera Mount

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Camera Holder

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a means for an individual with quadriplegia to hold and operate a digital camera. Made of steel, this mount is equipped with two foam-covered handles, one above the other. The user places the top handle in his/her palm and the bottom handle holds the hand in position, supports the back of the wrist, and can be rested on a stable surface as needed. The handles are attached to a frame that screws into the tripod mount on the bottom of the digital camera. The

Camera Support

DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY---- Using PVC to stabilize a DSLR camera is designed for use by individuals with limited strength in their upper extremities as a result of fractures or neurological events such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

Digital Camera Mount And Control Device

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide an individual with cerebral palsy a customized, digital camera mount, and control device. The patron was unable to avoid moving the camera when she operated the shutter, so her shots were blurred. The first solution was to isolate the triggering mechanism from the camera; but today’s digital cameras lack the remote triggering capacity that film cameras have. A “camera remote shutter release” was the solution. A release mechanism consisting of solenoid which

Wheelchair Camera Mount

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom wheelchair camera mount for a photographer with hemiplegia related to stroke and limited use of his right arm. This individual cannot simultaneously hold his camera firmly and press the shutter, particularly as he uses large lenses which are quite heavy, and using a tripod to hold the camera doesn’t work either, as it’s difficult to set this up with one hand. Therefore, a custom adaptation solution of creating a wheelchair camera m

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