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---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a wearable, artificially intelligent device that provides power and assists individuals with paraplegia to stand and walk. The eLEGS is an exoskeletal orthosis for the legs that provides support for standing and and initiates leg movement. eLEGS has a unique knee flexion that provides a natural human gait that allows it to handle mixed terrains and reach speeds in excess of 2 miles per hour in certain conditions. It consists of two frame


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a powered exoskeleton orthosis that allows users with spinal cord injury, recovering from stroke, or with other mobility disabilities to walk independently. The Indego is a powered exoskeletal orthosis designed for use by people with lower extremity or mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, stroke or brain injury, and other conditions that impair a persons ability to walk or stand independently. It fastens around the user's waist and

Midland Electric Hi-Lo Table (Models Pc 4512E & Pc 4512Ec)

The Midland Electric Hi-Lo Stand-In Table is a standing table designed for use by adults or children with lower extrmity disabilities. The unit features an open metal tubing frame and base with a tabletop. The base is equipped with locking swivel casters, enabling the unit to be moved to the user. The motor is mounted at the center front of the frame. An electric power switch rases and lowers the table and allow it to raise an individual with paraplegia from a sitting position to a standing posi

Pediatric Delta Power Stand Basic & Pediatric Delta Power Stand Mobile

The Pediatric Delta Power Stand Basic and the Pediatric Delta Power Stand Mobile are standing frames designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. Both models accommodate individuals from 35.46 inches tall to 61.46 inches tall. The Basic model is a statioary frame The mobile model features a belt-drive system to provide the user with independent mobility while standing. Both models feature a steel frame, a knee pad, a tray, and a solid seat. The Mobile unit also includes an adjustable

Pow'r Up Lift (Model Png50010)

The Pow'r Up Lift, model PNG50010, is a powered standing aid designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, upper extremity, or walking disabilities. This lift is designed for use with the EasyStand Evolv Adult or Youth Glider (see separate entries) to bring users with limited upper body strength to the standing position. The lift includes a controller, Linak actuator, and an emergency release. POWER: Uses a rechargeable battery (included).

Stand Aid

The Stand Aid is a powered Standing Aid designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This standing frame is available with the choice of a powered lift, powered drive, or both. FRAME: This stander has a steel frame with a silver vein powder coat finish. The stander is equipped with contoured knee pads, a hip belt, and a plexiglass tray and it accommodates individuals from 4 feet 2 inches tall to 7 feet tall. POWER LIFT: The lift utilizes two twelve-volt actuators operated by a tog

Stand Aid Junior

The Stand Aid Junior is a standing frame designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. This stander accommodates individuals between 35 and 46 inches tall and holds the user's feet in a fixed position while providing support at the chest, hips, and knees. The unit has a steel frame and four locking swivel wheels. CAPACITY: 150 pounds.

Standing Wheelchair

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a standing wheelchair for individuals with mobility disabilities and other individuals who use wheelchairers. Similar to the Segway, the Standing Wheelchair is a two-wheeled cruiser designed to provide with a way to travel while standing. The wheels underneath the Standing Wheelchair perform the same function as those of a regular wheelchair; however, the person is actually standing rather than sitting. The user's legs are held in place


The Walker is a standing aid and gait trainer designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, mobility, or walking disabilities or stroke. The Walker is available with a hydraulic or power lift mechanism that lifts using a U-shaped table for arm support and safety straps that support the user in the crotch. It also has a foldable spade seat that can assist in lifting. One the user, is standing, the Walker can be used as a gait trainer. It has four casters that feature a straight

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