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Acor Custom Foot Orthoses

Acor Custom Foot Orthoses include shoe inserts, ankle-foot and boot styles. The Chopart filler boot is for persons with metatarsal amputations. The ankle-foot laced orthoses are available with extra short or standard anterior trimline or with posterior calcaneal cutout. All orthoses are available with steel or plastic reinforcement stays for added support. All can be manufactured extra rigid for maximum support or very soft for moderate support. COLORS: Brown or buff.

Alimed Standard Multiboot (Models 62836, 69620, 61002, 62744, 62719, 63145, & 62206)

The AliMed Standard MultiBoot is boot orthosis and foot protector designed for use with individuals with lower extremity disabilities. The backbone of the MultiBoot features a swing-out antirotation bar and a height-adjustable footplate to prevent bedding from pressing on the toes and feet. Locking slots are mated to the antirotation bar to prevent shifting. The foot is swaddled in a soft Kodel-type Velcro-closure sock attatched to the MultiBoot backbone to hold the foot without irritation. The

Ankle Brace (Model 240)

The Ankle Brace, model 240, is designed for the treatment and prevention of chronically weak or injured ankles. Constructed with front lacing designed to ensure maximum support and adjustability, this support boot features a curved arch, a heel lock, and padded tongue. It is made from a heavy duty rip-stop vinyl while polycarbonate horseshoes are designed to provide support on both sides of the ankle. This model is intended to fit on either ankle without changing shoe size. SIZES: XSmall-XLarge.

Heelboot Orthotic Boot (Models 12000 & 12001)

The HeelBoot Orthotic Boot, models 12000 and 12001, is a boot orthosis designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities. This boot treats mild to moderate plantar flexion contracture and eliminates pressure from heel. The rotation bar and toe pad can be repositioned to prevent hip rotation. The boot is closed with a hook and loop system, and adjusts at the calf and top of the foot for a secure fit. The boot has fabric-covered toe pads and a soft, washable fleece liner. It comes

Orthocare Spaceboot

The Orthocare SPACEBOOT is a device that acts as a drop-foot splint, heel protector, and/or foot positioner. This boot was designed to position the ankle in a neutral position, and to prevent foot drop and heel cord shortening, inversion and eversion of the foot, and internal or external rotation of the hip and leg. The standard assembled SPACEBOOT consists of a plastic boot-shaped frame, foam insert, and 3 Velcro or Polynap straps with adjustable foam pads for positive restraint and for securin

Orthopro Stretch Night Splint

The Orthopro Stretch Night Splint is a night foot splint designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities. Features include an anti-rotation bar, suspended heel, and adjustable toe post. The splint covers incorporate Bacti-Ban, which is odor resistant and keeps the covers cleaner. This night splint also features adjustable straps for optimal stretch and a non-skid safety bottom. A toe wedge is included. SIZE: Small, medium, and large.

Vannini-Rizzoli Stabilizing Orthosis (Or Italian Boot Orthosis)

Designed for spinal cord injury patients, these boots extend to four centimeters below the knee to immobilize the ankles and feet in approximately 10 -15 degrees of plantar flexion. The patient controls balance by holding the head high with shoulders back and hips forward, effectively locking the knees. Patients learn to walk by shifting the upper body left or right, causing the center of gravity to shift, then moving the unweighted foot in a pendulum motion.

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