Support Frame for Skiing

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Ashmobile, The

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable individuals who use walkers or crutches to ski. This device was designed to enable the user's hands to assist the skier's legs in supporting the body and also in executing turns. This was accompished by fastening a bar across the front and back of the skis in a manner that held them in a "snowplow" position but still allowed them to edge. At both ends of the front bar is a hole through which passes the outriggers (small skis on the end of standard cr

Skeasy, The

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable individuals who use walkers or crutches to ski. The skeasy is made up of an inner pair of short skis on which the person stands with the aid of a walker-like frame. The frame is attached to a pair of outer parabolic skis. The outer skis are set at about 22 degrees of inside edging and the are snowplowed (tips in) slightly. The inner and outer skis are connected, front and back, by strong, flexible rubber strips. The unit is always connected by a tethe

Skiing Wheelchair

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To provide a customized adaptation for an individual with mobility disabilities who must remain in his wheelchair (i.e. cannot be removed and placed another apparatus) to be taken along on a cross country ski trip. The Skiing Wheelchair uses skis that are parabolic and essential in allowing the chair to turn easily when pressure is applied down through the handgrips. The triangular frame is made of ΒΌ inch by 1.5 inch mild steel to support the user an

Snow Slider

The Snow Slider is a support frame for skiing for people with balance, lower extremity, mobility and walking disabilities. The user steps into the front of the frame, and horizontal foam padded forearm supports extend on both sides. The legs on each side attach to standard ski bindings and skis need to be attached to the bottom of the frame for use. Neither skis nor bindings are included. The skis can be angled inward up to 15 degrees to slow the user's speed if necessary. The user must also wea

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