Grab Bar for Arm Chair

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Adapted Grab Bar For An Armchair.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Grab bar to assist person in standing up from upholstered armchair. Two metal strips attach to side frame of armchair. Two steel pipes form the bar. One attaches vertically to the metal strips. The second, horizontal bar attaches to the vertical one. A specially fabricated joint allows the horizontal bar to pivot or to lock in position, providing a stable hand grip. Measurements determine the optimum distance from chair for vertical bar and the optimum

Stand-Up (Models Cka-01, Cka-02, Cka-03, Cka-04, Cka-05 & Cka-06)

The STAND-UP, models CKA-01, CKA-02, CKA-03, CKA-04, CKA-05 and CKA-06, is a standing aid and grab bar designed for use by individuals with standing, mobility or lower extremity disabilities who need assistance rising from a bed, chair or sofa. The unit has a stainless steel base with non-slip rubber edges that rests on the floor and does not require mounting to the floor, wall or ceiling. Plastic coated steel pipes with wood grain exterior finish are mounted securely on the base to form a suppo

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