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Crutch Accessory Kit (Model T70040)

The Crutch Accessory Kit, model T70040, is a set of crutch tips, crutch handgrip pads, and crutch underarm cushions designed for use on wooden or aluminum axillary crutches. The set includes two reinforced rubber underarm pads (model T70010), two solid tube-style crutch handgrip pads (model 70020) with extra-thick cushioning, and two rubber crutch tips reinforced with metal washers (model 70034). DIMENSIONS: The crutch tips fit crutches with 7/8- or one-inch shafts. COLOR: The handgrip and under

Crutch Accessory Kit (Models 114 & 115)

The Crutch Accessory Kit, models 114 and 115, are crutch underarm cushion covers and crutch handgrip pads designed for use by people with walking, mobility and lower extremity disabilities who use axillary crutches. Each kit includes two covers that fit over the underarm portion of the crutch and two pads that wrap around the handgrip of each crutch. The pads are made from sheepskin and fasten with Velcro closures. All covers and pads are machine washable and dryable. SIZES: Regular (model 114)

Crutcheze Crutch Padded Covers

The Crutcheze Crutch Padded Covers are crutch handgrip pads underarm cushion with covers designed for use by individuals with balance, walking, mobility and lower extremity disabilities and others who use crutches. The set includes two underarm covers and two wrap hand grip covers, each with 2 pieces of removable contoured design padding. These contoured pads fit all standard youth and adult underarm crutches. The padded covers wrap around the crutch handles and are held in place by hook and loo

Maddacomfort Walker And Crutch Hand Pads

The Maddacomfort Walker and Crutch Hand Pads are designed to provide cushioning for the hands of walker and crutch users. These washable terry cloth and foam pads wrap around standard walker handles or crutch hand grips and are secured by Velcro fasteners. DIMENSIONS: 6.5 x 6.75 inches.

Sheepskin Crutch Covers

The Sheepskin Crutch Covers are crutch underarm and hand cushions designed for individuals who use crutches. Made from Medical Sheepskin, the crutch cover sets includes a cover for each crutch at the armpit and handgrip. The handgrip covers are held in place by Velcro strips.

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