Hearing Aid Cleaning Device

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Clear Sound Thread and Pull Hearing Aid Cleaners

The Clear Sound Thread and Pull Hearing Aid Cleaner is designed to help individuals who are hard of hearing clean their hearing aids. Once the threader is inserted into the hearing aid and the brush pulled through, the nylon will absorb moisture from the hearing aid canal. This will help keep the hearing aid vent free of wax and debris. Due to its non-metallic construction, people can use the Thread and Pull Hearing Aid Cleaner without scratching their hearing aid. They can also use it to clean

Jodi-Consumer Vac

The Jodi-Consumer Vac is a hearing aid cleaning device designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This compact unit removes wax in the hearing aid through vacuuming. Wax collects in a filter, which the manufacturer recommends replacing every six months for home use. A ball located behind the filter indicates the flow rate. POWER: Uses AC adapter (included). OPTIONS: Consumer needle; BTE needle; reamer. WARRANTY: One-year warranty for personal use; three-month warranty for p

My Vac Hearing Aid Vacuum

The My Vac Hearing Aid Vacuum is a hearing aid cleaning device designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. It has a miniature vacuum pump with an internal diaphragm to create enough suction to remove ear wax and debris from a hearing aid's sound outlet port. The extracted wax and debris are pumped through a replaceable needle tip and trapped in a replaceable filter. The unit comes with three needle tips. One of the needle tips is a little larger than the sound outlet opening

Renew Hearing Aid Dryer And Freshener

The ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener is designed for the hearing aid/Cochlear implant processor users. Gentle heat removes moisture and condensation without any chemicals, while its UV light inhibits bacteria growth that causes itching ears.

Renew Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner (Model Hc-100)

The Renew Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner, model HC-100, is a hearing aid cleaning device designed for use by individuals who use hearing aids. This hearing aid vacuum removes the internal build-up of dust and dirt particles, ear wax, and moisture using gentle suction. This compact, lightweight device can be used on any hearing aid equipped with sound vents. The unit includes two replaceable suction syringes in two different sizes to fit the hearing aid canal opening and a replaceable and washable fi

Symphonix Cleaning And Care Kit

The RCA Symphonix cleaning and care kit is designed to be used to clean, or wash and dry, Symphonix hearing aids. The kit includes the following: brush/wax pick, cleaning rod, 2 desiccant dryers, light-orange in color clear plastic tubes, microfiber cloth, dark gray in clear vinyl pouch. Cleaning rod and brush/wax pick, black in a clear poly bag.

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