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Breast Cancer Water Fitness Video

The Breast Cancer Water Fitness Video is a video exercise program designed for use by individuals with breast cancer. This 45-minute program features Mary Essert, an experienced international instructor and breast cancer survivor. Essert brings her personal insight as well as her effective, graded aquatic workout program to therapists, instructors, and clients in this 45 minute program.

Cando Low Powder Exercise Band Rolls

CanDo resistive exercise band rolls are therapeutic bands that provide resistance therapy for rehabilitation, strength building or motor skills training purposes. Packaged in a dispenser box, the band is meant to be unrolled to a desired length and cut with scissors.

Fibromyalgia Waterwork

Fibromyalgia WaterWork is an exercise program designed for use by individuals with fibromyalgia. This book on CD-ROM, written by Mary Essert, is a self-management tool with information for persons who have fibromyalgia and their health care and exercise providers. It features a progressive graded aquatic exercise program, illustrated with photos. It also includes precautions, a section of new research with several articles, and a comprehensive bibliography and resource list.

Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill By Aquabilt

Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill by Aquabilt is a water exercise device designed for individuals with arthritis and those trying to improve joint flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. It proves an easy-to-use, low-impact cardio workout. This non-motorized, self-powered treadmill is great for high resistance workouts and helps to burn calories faster while lifting pressure off of achy joints. The Aquabilt treadmill can be used by individuals of all fitness levels.

Move It Or Lose It Arthritis Cd

The Move It or Lose It Arthritis CD, by Mary Essert, is a video exercise program designed for use by individuals with arthritis. This CD-ROM provides an overview of arthritis and discusses the design and implementation of an aquatic exercise program to suit a diverse population. Safety, functional fitness, and pain reduction are the program's primary concerns. Pool progression is introduced and demonstrated in the pool exercise section.

Physical Activities (Pa)

Physical Activities is a personal skills tutorial and exercise program designed for use by parents and teachers working with pre-school children with mental, physical, or sensory disabilities. This series of 5 duplicatable books, 5 duplicatable interactive CD-ROMs and 5 online lessons can be used by parents and teachers to instruct children about body movements and other activities. This series is designed to cover activities that may improve the child’s coordination, balance, and control. Avail

Vector Gait & Safety System

Vector Gait & Safety System is designed for individuals recovering from stroke, amputations, orthopedic injuries and spinal cord injuries. Patient falls are the number one risk during the rehabilitation process and contribute to a loss of confidence, anxiety, activity restriction and injury. The Vector Gait and Safety System® helps to promote patient mobility and independence while reducing the risk of injury to both patients and therapists. Leveraging dynamic body weight support (DBWS),

Yoga Pretzels Activity Cards

Yoga Pretzels Activity Cards are an exercise program designed for use by children and adults with physical, emotional, or sensory processing disabilities. This set of 50 colorful cards teaches the basics of yoga. These over-sized color-coded activity cards offer exercises in nine categories and are packaged in a hard-cover box. Each card features a pose on the front and illustrated, step-by-step directions on the back. DIMENSIONS: Each card is 5 x 7 inches.

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