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7906 Chest Support Straps

The 7906 Chest Support Straps are torso support accessories for the 6620 Modular Chest Support or the 6800 Seating Accessory Systems(see separate entries). SIZES: Infant, extra small, small, medium or large. COLORS: Black or rainbow. STRAP OPTION: Option C is standard. Option A, Option B and Yoke are available.

7907 Chest Support Hardware

The 7907 Chest Support Hardware is a torso support accessory for the 6610 Chest Support (see separate entry). STRAP OPTION: Bottom or yoke.

7910 Elongated Yoke Area For 6610 Or 6620

The 7910 Elongated Yoke Area for 6610 or 6620 is a torso support accessory designed to replace the straps of the Danmar Chest Supports (see separate entries). This flexible plastic strip helps to prevent the straps from getting caught in the spokes of wheelchair wheels. A buckle is attached to one end that snaps into the chest support and the other end is permanently mounted to the wheelchair base. COLOR: Black

Lateral Extension Bracket

The Lateral Extension Bracket is torso support hardware designed for individuals with neurological or severe physical disabilities or cerebral palsy. The bracket expands the range in which seating supports can be adjusted laterally. The unit is attached at the end of the adjustment slot of the existing trunk lateral brackets and provides almost 3 extra inches of width adjustment for growing children and other individuals who need extra expansion of their seating system. This bracket bolts to mo

Slip-On Neoprene Trunk Lateral Pad

The Slip-On Neoprene Trunk Lateral Pad is lateral trunk support pad designed for people with neurological or mobility disabilities or cerebral palsy. The pad is intended to protect and provide comfort to users of lateral trunk supports. The pad is made of extra thick neoprene rubber, which is cushy, waterproof, and can conform to curves. Each pad can be cut to fit a specific support. The neoprene is bonded on the outside to a stretchy fabric and on the inside to loop Velcro that can fix the pad


The standard Zoomi is a youth positioning chair designed for use for children with mobility and neurological disabilities. Designed to promote good feet-on-the-floor posture, it can be used in the classroom and home. Both the seat and footrest can be easily adjusted to the appropriate height and depth, allowing the chair to accommodate the user's needs as they grow. Standard Zoomi chair comes complete with flat seat, backrest and pelvic strap. OPTIONS: Mobile skis, slotted footboard, transfer st

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