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Cal-Tac Haptic Flashcards, Advanced Set

CAL-tac HAPTIC Flashcards, the 17 card advanced set, are perceptual training cards designed to (1) introduce and reinforce shape identification, (2) shape and texture discrmination, and (3) spatial relationships and pattern sequencing for persons with low vision or cognitive disabilities. These training cards utilize six basic shapes: Circles, squares, rectangles, wavy lines, ovals and triangles. In this particular 17 card set, six cards are designed to ask the user to recognize different textur

Cal-Tac Haptic Flashcards, Beginner Set

The CAL-tac HAPTIC Flashcards, the 14 card beginner set, are perceptual training cards designed to (1)introduce and reinforce shape identification, (2) shape and texture discrimination, and (3) spatial relationships and pattern sequencing for persons with low vision or cognitive disabilities. These flashcards utilize six basic shapes: Cicles, squares, rectangles, wavy lines, ovals and triangles. In this particular set, six cards are designed to introduce large and small examples of each shape. A

Flash! Pro 2

Flash Pro 2 is a flash card program designed for use with children with communication, learning, or cognitive disabilities. The program has over 8,500 color photo flash cards that speech therapists, parents, teachers, and early intervention specialists can select, preview, and print for use to stimulate speech and language. The program is designed to be used by individuals with no computer experience, with no complex setup or installation. The photos are arranged in 65 categories, including Acti

Library Of Vocabulary Photographs

The Library of Vocabulary Photographs is a set of symbolic language pictures, photo cards, and language training flash cards designed to teach language skills to people with cognitive disabilities and assist people with language disabilities with communication. The library includes 13 boxes of 47 full-color cards which can be used to teach categorization, build vocabulary, and other speech and language skills. The cards cover appliances, the body, clothing, tools, toiletries, medical, kitchen, f

Picture And Word Cards.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Picture cards to teach object recognition. Card stock with pictures from magazines of common objects glued on, lightly varnished to help them last longer. The name of the object could be printed as well. Includes drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembly. AUTHOR: Caston, D TITLE: Easy to Make Toys for Your Handicapped Child REF: London, England: Souvenir Press: p 114-115. Also available from Prentice-Hall, Englewoods Cliffs, NJ. NARIC CALL NUMBER: R3463 PAGES

Picture Cue Cards (Model W38503)

The Picture Cue Cards, model W38503, are communucation cueing cards designed for use by therapists, teachers, or caregivers of individuals with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities. These cards come in three sets, consisting of 288 shopping cards, 144 select-a-meal cards, and 192 daily activity cards. Each card has a word or phrase with a colorful illustration. The cards can be used as communication cues or to create picture lists of activities to perform.

Picture Prompt Cards (Model Ppc-10F)

Picture Prompt Cards, model PPC-10F, are symbolic language pictures, language training flash cards, and a language tutorial program designed to teach basic daily vocabulary, serve as communication cues, or create a visual activity list for people with cognitive or communication disabilities. The set of 576 fully-illustrated, laminated cards covers shopping, mealtime, and daily activities. The word or phrase illustrated is printed on each card, and other information or personalization can be adde

Play And Say Speech Cards

Play and Say Speech Cards are a language training system and symbolic language pictures designed to help people with speech and language disabilities communicate and learn correct speech patterns through games and activities. Each of the 16 age-appropriate decks concentrates on a frequently misarticulated speech sound The set includes more than 380 cards, each depicting a common item and labeled with the item's name; the sound or letter being emphasized is printed in a different color from the

Preschool Phonology Cards & Spanish Preschool Phonology Cards (Models N63-1-Ws & N63-8-Ws)

Preschool Phonology Cards are language training flash cards designed for use by children with learning or speech disabilities. Included are 240 cards with words printed below colorful pictures. The cards teach preschoolers target patterns of sound production and help reduce or eliminate six phonological processes: cluster reduction, final consonant deletion, fronting, gliding, initial consonant deletion, and stopping. Cards are available in English (model N63-1-WS) or Spanish (model N63-8-WS).

Reading Comprehension Cards Levels 1 & 2 (Models N51-6-Ws & N62-8-Ws)

Reading Comprehension Cards Levels 1 and 2, models N51-6-WS & N62-8-WS, are reading tutorial flash cards designed for use by children with learning disabilities. There are 210 cards in Level 1 and 200 cards in Level 2. Each card has a short reading passage (fiction or non-fiction) on the front and three comprehension questions on the back involving 11 reading comprehension skills: main idea; making inferences; paraphrasing; fact versus opinion; vocabulary; sequencing; predicting; cause and e

Tangible Object Cards

The Tangible Object Cards are a vocabulary enhancement activity for people with language, learning and communication disabilities. The cards are also intended for people who are blind or have low vision. Each card displays a word on the top portion and there is corresponding object securely fastened to the bottom of the card. These cards allow a person to learn to associate a word with the actual object it represents. Cards with SymbolStix symbols are available for an additional cost. The core s

Wordwise Language Cards & Master Cards

WordWise Language Cards and Master cards are language training flash cards designed to teach everyday vocabulary using pictures for individuals with a cognitive or disability. The picture based language program, available in both English and Spanish, comes on 588 cards including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and expressions. Language Cards, model WL-01Q are colorful picture cards that illustrates the words and can be used for conversation, word recognition, writing, spelling,

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