Vocabulary Enhancement Activity

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Learning Game Board

Learning Game Board is a customizable game board for children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. This is a blank, magnetic, dry erase game board has four player positions – two that have been specially adapted with large activation buttons for choosing among the four play spaces in front of a player. For those who need to use their own switches, the board also has switch inputs at these two positions. The Learning Game Board is dry erase so it can be used over and over again f

Nessy Learning Programme 4 Deluxe

Nessy Learning Programme 4 Deluxe is a software program designed for use by individuals with dyslexia, Down’s syndrome, Asperger’s and Emotional Disabilities. It uses a combined structure of phonics linked with language, writing skills and vocabulary development, to create multisensory learning. Nessy enables all abilities to read, write and spell with confidence. Nessy is ideal for teachers who need to provide a complete literacy scheme for students with dyslexia. The extensive resources are or


The PRiO is an iPad based communication tool made for people with communication disabilities, neurological or spinal cord injury or any severe physical disability, who already established vocabulary skills. It is designed to help them establish vocabulary and motor planning skills. It features iPad Air and the popular Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) Words for Life (WFL) Vocabulary.

Recordable Talk Blocks

The Talk Block is a recordable block that reaches beyond foundational listening and speaking practice (auditory) by providing visual reinforcement. Insert any Picture Communication Symbol (PCS), image or photo, and press down to record and replay up to 30 seconds of sound, and then flip the switch to lock. This cross-curricular, open resource offers many opportunities to practice skills, assess students, and convey instructions for center activities.

Say And Do Apraxia Fun Sheets

The “Say & Do” Apraxia Fun Sheets reproducible workbook is full of engaging activities for children with apraxia of speech. Students focus on repetition as they learn to form consonant and vowel combinations in four basic syllable structures: VC, CV, CVCV, and CVC.

Sensory Collage Kit

Sensory Collage Kit is designed for children working on improving their sensory processing and fine motor skills. Users are encouraged to learn by sorting and classifying the materials while building a descriptive vocabulary and developing sensory awareness with a variety of textures. First sketch a rough drawing onto large art paper then outline your artwork in black marker. Think about textures and colors then find just the right sensory art materials.

Tangible Object Cards

The Tangible Object Cards are a vocabulary enhancement activity for people with language, learning and communication disabilities. The cards are also intended for people who are blind or have low vision. Each card displays a word on the top portion and there is corresponding object securely fastened to the bottom of the card. These cards allow a person to learn to associate a word with the actual object it represents. Cards with SymbolStix symbols are available for an additional cost. The core s


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