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Bariatric Tilt Table (Model 6045-709)

The Bariatric Tilt Table, model 6045-709, is a powered tilt table designed for use in physical therapy. A heavy-duty electric motor controls the table's angle of tilt from 0 to 90 degrees. The table has a tilt indicator display and can be operated from either side with hand controls. It has a heavy-duty steel frame, vinyl upholstery, thick high-density foam padding, three extra-long safety straps, and locking casters. POWER: Uses 110V. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 33 x 77 x 34 inches. The footboard is 18

Cardon Treatment Table

The Cardon Treatment Table (CTT) is a height adjustable treatment table with tilting head and leg sections. The table has an adjustable head and lower limb section with a fixed center section, allowing patients to be placed in the most effective position. The head section drops 90 degrees and rises to 85 degrees, while the lower limb section can be raised 90 degrees. There is a positive locking system for head section adjustments and a gas spring for lower limb section adjustments. The head sect

Electric Hi-Low Tilt Table (Model 9054)

The Electric Hi-Low Tilt Table (Model 9054) is a powered tilt and elevating treatment table. It features an upholstered top, three wide safety straps, and a walk off foot plate with safety tread. The table is powered by two heavy-duty electric motors to assure smooth adjustments. A single pneumatic hand control pendant provides safety and control for both vertical or horizontal positions. The horizontal height of the table top adjusts from 26 to 38 inches. Tilt can be adjusted from full vertical

Electric Tilt Table (Model 801E)

The Electric Tilt Table Model 801E is a powered tilt table with a 2-inch thick padded vinyl cover, footboard, and 3 adjustable safety belts. The top has a 90-degree tilt range. The table top is powered by a mini pac drive unit with an overload and over travel protector. A toggle switch activates the tilt. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): The table is 78 x 22 x 23 to 32 inches. CAPACITY: Lift capacity is 300 pounds.

Hi-Lo Multi-Position Table (Model 6052)

The Hi-Lo Multi-Position Table, model 6052, is a powered treatment table designed for use in physical therapy. This height-adjustable tilt table may be used in a variety of treatments, including lateral flexion and postural drainage. The motorized height adjustment lowers the table for wheelchair access. The three-section top features nose cut-outs with plugs in both the head and leg/backrest sections. The head and leg/backrest sections have positive lock-in levers. The head section raises manu

Hi-Lo Tilt Table (Model 6058)

The Hi-Lo Tilt Table, model 6058, is a powered tilt table designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This wheelchair-accessible tilt table has an electric motor that lowers the table for transfer by wheelchair users. The table tilts from a horizontal position to a 90-degree angle at a fixed speed of 4 degrees per second. The padded top is upholstered in vinyl, and has three extra-wide safety straps with hook-and-loop closures. The table has a heavy-duty ste

Midland Electric Tilt Table

The Electric Tilt Table is designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities. This table tilts from zero to 90 degrees using a hand-held controller. Standard features include removable foot board, locking casters, and three restaining straps. Other features OPTIONS: Work tray. DIMENSIONS: The surface is 28 x 78 inches; table height when horizontal is 33 inches. The base is 57 x 33 inches .The casters are four inches in diameter. The straps are four inches wide. CAPACITY: 300 pounds

Tiltables By R82

The Tiltables by R82 are powered and manual standers that convert to supine, prone, or upright standers and tilt tables designed for use by children and adults with mobility disabilities. All units include trunk support strap, individual height- and angle-adjustable foot supports, and locking casters. Each table provides 90- to 185-degree surface angle adjustment. The tables are available in three sizes, and sizes 2 and 3 are available with or without motorized power tilt; size 1 is available as

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