Robotic Upper Extremity Orthosis

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Rechargeable Vest

This rechargeable vest is a new prototype developed by students at Stanford University designed to help minimize Parkinson's symptoms and reduce shaking. The Medtronic Recharging Vest, is designed for people with walking disabilities and specifically people with Parkinson's disease who are dependent on the use of an assistive device or a cane or walker in order to walk. Harpeet Sangha led a team determined to improve the cane prototype and they designed a vest to replace a walker.

Titan Arm Exoskeleton

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a self-powered exoskeleton arm orthosis for individuals with upper extremity and neurological disabilities. The Titan Arm is an untethered, self-powered exoskeleton arm that can be constructed for less than $2,000. To wield this device, users attach the cable-driven mechanical appendage to one arm of the user with straps from a military-grade hiking backpack. It is controlled with a thumbstick on a nunchuck-like controller. If a load nee


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