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Passy-Muir Tracheostomy And Ventilator Speaking Valves (Models Pmv 005, Pmv 007, Pmv 2000, Pmv 2001, & Pmv 2020)

Passy-Muir Tracheostomy and Ventilator Speaking Valves are assistive speech devices designed for use by individuals with tracheostomies or who use ventilators. These small, lightweight one-way valves attach to tracheostomy tubes and allow the inflow and outflow of air so users can speak without manual occlusion. Each valve fits most standard permanent or disposable trach tubes and is packaged in a color-coded patient care kit. Each kit includes one valve, one storage container, one clinical inst

Pocket-Sized Acc

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: A new software application, “Locabulary”, available for download free through Apple’s iTunes Store allows individuals with communication disabilities to their iPhone to speak when they are unable. Created by an collaboration between a team of clinicians at the MDA clinic at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL and the design firm PUSH Product Design; the Locabulary application transforms the iPhone into an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device

Shikani Speaking Valve (Models Ssvw, Ssvt And Ssvb)

The Shikani Speaking Valve, models SSVW, SSVT and SSVB is an assistive speech device designed for use by individuals with a tracheostomy. These small, lightweight one-way and two-way capable valves attach to tracheostomy tubes and allow the inflow and outflow of air so users can speak without manual occlusion. The two-way airflow capability also allows users the option to use an heat and moisture exchanger (HME) in conjunction with this valve. The Shikani Speaking Valve uses a ball valve to lowe

Smart 3

Smart 3 is a speech device designed for individuals with communication disabilities. This portable, pocket-sized communication device uses text and symbol-related communication through its graphic communication program. It has a clear and distinct voice output, and a 4.3-inch touch screen with high resolution. With Smart 3, users can create and edit communication vocabularies on the device or on a PC; take pictures and operate the TV and DVD player using Smart 3’s built-in camera and infrared mo

Speech Enhancer, The

The Speech Enhancer is an assistive speech device designed to adapt to an individual's voice level, analyze the atriculation, and make a suitable clarification of garbled speech for persons with dysarthria (speech disorder affecting tongue or speech muscles). This automated speech processing system allows the listener to hear the individual's voice quality, inflection, emotion and dialect with no time-delay. The processor features a voice level compensation that adjusts to all voice levels from

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