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Ableware Pot And Pan Holder (Model H753430000)

The Ableware Pot and Pan Holder, model H753430000, is designed to keep pots and pans steady on the stove so that individuals with the use of one arm can stir or dish out the contents of the container. The device consists of a plastic coated steel wire frame with three suction feet. It holds the handle of the pot or pan to prevent movement while thecontents are being stirred. DIMENSIONS: 16 x 4.5 inches. WEIGHT: 1 pound. WARRANTY: 12 months parts and labor.


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype rice cooker for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The rice cooker features three buttons to set the water and heating level and includes a speaker to speak the existing settings so that the visually impaired user can ensure everything is correct. The ANPLEe also has an ergonomic handle to open the cover All the user needs to do is load in the ingredients and set the commands. AUTHOR: Matthew Chung. TITLE: ANPLE Rice Cooker for

Bbq Counterweight

The BBQ Counterweight is a cooking aid designed to assist individuals to lift the lid of a barbecue with very little force or physical exertion. The modified BBQ lid has a 5/16-inch read rod bolted to the back and the counterweight consists of a 1-litre plastic bottle filled with sand and is attached to the end of the rod with wire. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Dave Doman for an individual with very little arm strength who had difficulty lifting the lid of the BBQ. This device was found to

Color-Coded Cookbook

The Color-Coded Cookbook is a cooking aid designed for use by children and adults with cognitive disabilities. This system includes recipes with color-coded measurements to match the included color-coded measuring cups and spoons. Designed to ensure cooking success, the recipes offer a visual measurement in a red, green, yellow or blue picture of a cup or spoon along with the traditional measurement amount. The cookbook includes more than 50 recipes and also aids in teaching cooking vocabulary

DIY Homemade Switch Activated Pouring Measuring Cup Instruction Sheet

Homemade Switch Activated Pouring Measuring Cup is designed for to help individuals with limited upper extremity strength and coordination as a result of a stroke, multiple sclerosis or arthritis that impacts their ability to pour ingredients during a cooking activity. 

DIY The EZegg, Breaking An Egg With One Hand

The EZegg is designed for use by individuals with limited upper extremity coordination, strength and movement as a result of stroke, upper limb amputation, or paralysis.  It allows individuals to use one hand to open an egg during a meal preparation or cooking activity.   

Elder Store Folding One Handed Pot Stabilizer

This Folding One Handed Pot Stabilizer is designed for users with one hand or missing a limb. It is designed for individuals with one handed ability, or limited arm strength, arthritis- or for anyone who would prefer to use one hand. The pot stabilizer suctions onto the stovetop surface and holds pots and pan handles in place. It is tall enough to accommodate most pots or pans. It is made out of aluminum with rubber suction cups and it folds for storage when item is not is use.

EZ Fill Pouring Aid

EZ Fill is a device that aids in filling containers, such as a glass or cup. The aid hangs on the edge of the container, and when liquid fills to about one inch from the top, the device produces a signal, alerting the user.

Microwave Dish Holder

The Microwave Dish Holder is a non-commercial product designed to assist individuals with limited manual dexterity and/or feeling to pick up and move a microwave dish, while protecting the individual from burns. The unit resembles a forearm orthosis with an aluminum claw attached to the end to grab onto the dish. The device is made of bent aluminum plate and Duraplast, with two velcro straps for attaching the holder to the wrist and fingers. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: This device was designed by the

Recipe/book Holder

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aids in the inability to hold a recipe or small booklet while cooking. A pants hanger (with clip tabs) is utilized to hold up the book, while the top hook of the hanger allows the item to fastened to a top cabinet knob. COMMENTS: The Recipe/Book Holder helps those who have grasping issues, nearsightedness, or other disabilities that prevent them from viewing a recipe comfortably. SKILLS REQUIRED: Fine motor skills (to attach book/recipe). AUTHOR: King,

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