Bed Enclosure

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Bed Enclosure

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a child with developmental disabilities with a safe sleeping environment and keep her from climbing out. The slatted base of the bed sat below the edge of te side rails. Runners were fitted to the inside of the side rails and the slatted base was raised to sit on the runners. The enclosure has independent support legs and can be unscrewed and removed if necessary. The enclosure has a wooden frame with two latched gates on each side. Sturdy, tranluscent whit

Bed Rails

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create custom adapted bed railings to protect a child with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, and vision impairment from hurting herself by climbing out of bed. The parents had purchased a bunk bed set that had a potential for modification with a solid frame and clean sides making it easy to add attachments. Matching the style of the bed, three new rails were added with the fourth side fixed to the wall. Extensions were made for the head and foo

Bed Surround

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To prevent a child with intellectual, communication, mobility, and vision disabilities from leaving the bed unattended during the night. An enclosure for the bed was built using eight plywood panels covered in fabric-covered foam. Each panel is equipped with two metal handles on the back to enable the child's parents to remove one or more when assisting the child in and out of bed or when changing sheets. Three panels fit down each side and the bed has a U-shaped pane

Bed Surround

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized adaptation to a hospital bed frame for a young adult with a rare genetic disorder. A standard hospital bed with collapsible tubular steel rails was not ideal as the consumer was in danger of injuring himself due to involuntary movements. Placing the bed flush to the floor was not ideal for caregivers because it placed them at risk for back injury. A frame and net system was designed to attach to the existing hospital bed. Four metal posts are m

Bed Surrounds

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted bed enclosure for a child with global developmental delay and autism. The child outgrew her crib and her parents fitted her new bed with bedrails to prevent her from getting out; however, the child still managed to get out in the night despite being unable to crawl or walk. Concerned about the child’s safety, the family contacted TADNSW for assistance in creating bed surrounds for the bed to help keep the child safe. Three

Soma Safe Enclosure

The Soma Safe Enclosure is a bed enclosure designed to prevent individuals with cognitive, emotional, or behavioral disabilities from leaving the bed without the use of restraints. This freestanding unit completely surrounds any manual or electric hospital bed with a removable headboard and footboard. The ligthweight aluminum frame is padded and the enclosure side, head, and foot panels are made of soft nylon mesh, providing security while maintaining air flow and visibility. The frame telescope

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