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Ableware 704092000 Maddacrawler Prone Support Walker

The Maddacrawler Prone Support Walker teaches elementary crawling skills to children with developmental delays. The design properly aligns the childs body while encouraging crawling motion and weight bearing on hands and knees. Sling provides strength, support, and comfort and is height adjustable from 9 17" (22.9 45.2 cm) to accommodate different sized children. The body of the crawler is lightweight durable plastic and weighs approximately 20 lb. (9 kg). Casters are factory installed and suita

Achievement Modified Incline Ramps

The Achievement Modified Incline Ramps are positioning wedges designed for use with children or adults with mobility, severe physical, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injuries. These wedges are intended to provide gentle support when positioning an individual in a supine or prone position. Constructed of firm, comfortable, fire-resistant foam, these wedges are covered in extra heavy- duty anti-bacterial fire-retardant vinyl. Velcro-backed safety straps are included. These wedges can

Achievement Positioning System

The Achievement Positioning System is a positioning wedge system designed to provide firm, comfortable positioning for children and adolescents with neurological or severe physical disabilities. This system can be used in a variety of configurations including prone, supine and sidelying positioning. Unit assembles as a cube for easy storage and has Velcro tabs for connecting the pieces. The wedges are made of fire-retardant dense foam and easy to clean vinyl. SIZES: The set includes two small we

Achievement Wedges

The Achievement Wedges are child positioning wedges designed for use with children with mobility, neurological, or lower extremity disabilities. Intended to provide therapeutic positioning and exercise for children, these colorful durable wedges are made of high- compression foam and covered in heavy-duty fire- retardant anti-bacterial vinyl. DIMENSIONS (HxWxL): 4 x 20 x 22 inches, 4 x 30 x 22 inches, 6 x 14 x 26 inches, 6 x 20 x 22 inches, 6 x 24 x 28 inches, 8 x 20 x 22 inches, 8 x 24 x 28 inc


Boppy is a body positioner designed to provide support for infants in a prone or suppine position and to provide support while sitting for young children.The C-shaped padded, cushion style support features an opening to cradle an infant or to fit around a child's hips. Two of these cushions may be stacked for support while sitting. OPTIONS: Cotton slipcover. COLOR: The pillow is white. The slipcover is available in blue with bees or pistachio dots.

Foam Wedge.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Foam wedge for various positioning and exercise activities. Instructions for constructing a wedge to fit the individual child (measuring armpit to ankle and armpit to wrist) made from a foam mattress, covered with a waterproof material, and with a terrycloth removable cover. Includes drawings, uses and comments. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. Assembly. Plastics. AUTHOR: Hartrick, J TITLE: Equipment to Make: A Guide for Parents with a Child who has a Physical

Jenx Ziggy Cushion Toy

Ziggy is one-of-a-kind cushion that can be used for positioning, support, comfort and imaginative play.

Rehabilitation Cushion System

The Rehabilitation Cushion System is a set of positioning wedges designed for positioning children and adults with physical disabilities for therapeutic exercise. The system consists of two large wedges and two small wedges that lock together with Velcro fasteners. The cushions are made from dense urethane foam covered with stain-and flame-resistant vinyl fabric. DIMENSIONS: The large wedges are 31 x 27 x 14 x 20 inches and the small wedges are 16 x 14 x 8 x 20 inches wide. Fastened togethe the

Shaped Foam Wedge.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Foam wedge with side supports for older children with severe physical disabilities. Describes construction of a foam wedge with side supports made from foam mattress, covered in waterproof material (vinyl or terylene) with a terrycloth removable cover. Includes drawings, possible uses and comments. Does not provide instructions for the covers. SKILLS REQUIRED: Plastics. Sewing. Assembly. AUTHOR: Hartrick, J TITLE: Equipment to Make: A Guide for Parents

Six Piece Modular Positioning Set

The Six Piece Modular Positioning Set consists of foam positioning blocks designed to create individualized occupational and physical therapy treatment programs for persons with varying disabilities. The design accommodates numerous positions within the developmental sequence. The pieces are vinyl-covered, and therefore waterproof and cleanable with soap and water. The set consists of interchangeable rectangles, squares, and triangles (wedges). All sets come with four straps included. SIZES: Thr

Skillbuilders Foam Rolls

Skillbuilders Rolls and Half Rolls provide an adaptive shape for rolling and rocking movements, coordination and vestibular training and positioning. Thick, waterproof polyurethane coating is seam-free and allows for easy cleaning. Rolls have a solid core to help prevent "bottoming out". OPTIONS: Size options. SIZES: Various. DIMENSIONS: According to size selected. COLOR: Blue or Red. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Slouch Couch

Slouch Couch is designed for young children who have difficulty independently sitting upright as a result of low muscle tone, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome or traumatic brain injury.  It is designed to keep their head and upper body at a higher level than their legs.  This allows parents and caregivers to supervise and maintain eye contact with the child. If additional support is needed, there is a harness that can be used to secure the child in place.  The curved shape allows youngsters to re

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Wedge

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Wedges are positioning wedges designed for use by children or adults with physical disabilities. They are made from a soft, seamless, latex-free material that is impermeable to fluids. The degree of incline ranges from 10 to 28 degrees on the 20-inch-wide wedges and 12 to 24 degrees on the 24-inch-wide wedges. The wedges have a built-in handle opening and a concave surface that allows the wedge to stand on end for storage. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 4, 6, 8, or 10 x 22

Thirteen Piece Modular Positioning Set (Model 13-011)

The Thirteen Piece Modular Positioning Set, model 13-011, is a set of large foam shapes designed to be used interchangeably and in combination to position children and adults for therapy sessions, play or work activities, in a wheelchair, or for nighttime positioning. The pieces are made of high-density foam cover with waterproof and cleanable vinyl. The set includes cylindrical rolls and 8 rectangles in a variety of sizes. DIMENSIONS: Rolls are 7 x 7 inches, 5 x 20 inches, 8 x 20 inches, 5 x 5

Valu-Form Rolls And Valu-Form Wedges From Tumble (Models 2699A/b/c & 2700A/b/c)

Valu-Form Rolls and Valu-Form Wedges model 2699A/B/C and 2700A/B/C, are positioning wedges and rolls designed for use in positioning children and adults with physical disabilities or for use during therapeutic activities. The Rolls are designed for rolling or rocking movements, positioning, and coordination training. They feature a solid core to prevent bottoming out. The Wedges have a versatile shape for such gross motor activities as walking uphill or downhill, tumbling, or rolling. They may a

Vibroacoustic Wedge

The Vibroacoustic Wedge is a vibrotactile amplification system designed for use with children or adults with cognitive, neurological, physical, or emotional disabilities. Used for positioning, calming, or stimulating, this wedge can be used on any surface. A built-in patented vibroacoustic speaker system provides tactile stimulation, enabling users to feel music as well as hear it for a full-body experience of sound and vibration. This device connects to most stereo systems with 10 to 100 watts

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