Grip Attachment for Garden Tool

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Ableware 703270001 Hand Band Grip Enhancer

The Hand Band Grip Enhancer is designed for people with limited grip that need additional hand strength and control of walkers and canes. The band attaches to the handgrips of the walker or the cane shaft using hook-and-loop fastener. The user places the fingers in the band creating an enhanced grip. The elasticity in the band provides greater control and ensures a secure grip. Also useful for products that require a firm grip and swinging motion such as gardening tools, brooms, and mops.  

Add-On Handles

The Easi-Grip Add-On Handles are grip attachments for garden tools designed for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities or arthritis. These grips can be added to short handled garden tools for an ergonomic grip or to standard rakes, hoes, brooms, etc. to provide an ergonomic grip and enable a more upright stance. The grips are fitted by clamping the unit to a handle and tightening the large plastic wing nuts on the stainless steel clamps. OPTIONS: An Arm Support Cuff tha

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