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6917 Non-Stomp-Down-Able Heel Loops

The 6917 Non-Stomp-Down-Able Heel Loops are flexible polyethylene strap designed to provide an alternative to webbed heel straps on wheelchair footrests. An ankle strap is included for maintaining foot placement, as well as attachment screws. SIZES: Universally sized; one size fits all. COLOR: Black.

Ableware 703260000 Cane Hand Loop

The Cane Hand Loop is designed for people with disabilities that use a cane. One end wraps around the cane/walking stick shaft while the larger loop on the opposite end slips around the wrist. Even if the cane falls out of the hand, it won t drop to the ground. Made of  polypropylene webbing.

Heel Loop (Model 83)

The Heel Loop, model 83, attaches to pegs at back of wheelchair footplates help to prevent the user's foot from slipping off footplate. The loop is fabricated of webbing. DIMENSIONS: 2 inches wide.

Heel Loop Flipper

Heel loop flipper automatically flips wheelchair heel loops out of the way when the footrest is turned up. The flipper slips over the footrest hanger tube and locks with one twist. The coil shaped device slips over the tube, with a finger extended out behind the heel loop so that it is guided into a fold. Does not work with naugahyde covered heel loops or with elevating legrests. Works with most models or wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Heel Loops (Model 7018)

The Wheelchair Heel Loops, model 7018, are designed to prevent the feet of wheelchair users from slipping off of the footplates. The loops are made of strong poly webbing. DIMENSIONS: 2 inches high. COLOR: Black.

Wheelchair Heel Loops (Models 10A & 10B)

Wheelchair Heel Loops (models 10A and 10B) are designed to facilitate foot positioning and to prevent the feet from slipping off the foot rests. The devices are easy to clean and stain resistant. Model 10A ($8) is made of polyethylene, a semi-rigid plastic. Model 10AV ($8) is made of extruded vinyl which retains its shape and does not freeze or become dysfunctional when dirty. Model 10AV.1 ($26) is made of extruded vinyl with 1-inch wide cushioned ankle straps, adjustment via hook and loop faste

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