Finger Prosthesis

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e-NABLE Hand Spidey Sensors

e-NABLE Hand Spidey Sensors are designed for children with congenital limb amputations. It is designed to allow children to reach, grab, and interact within their environment.  


ProDigits are myoelectric prosthetic fingers designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities and partial hand amputees. ProDigit fingers can be used to replace all five fingers (including the thumb) or any set of consecutive fingers. The fingers are mounted on a custom molded base that fits over the hand. Each finger has an individually powered motor and works with other fingers (natural and prosthetic) to produce a grasping action that closely reflects that of the human hand.


The X-Finger is a mechanical prosthetic finger designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputation. This body-powered finger articulates when the user moves the residual finger or an opposing finger. Its phalanges follow the natural bending pattern of a finger, allowing the user to operate the prosthesis using the same cognitive processes previously used to articulate the finger. All of the components of the assembly fit within the confines of a silicone finger sheath, which bends in

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